Improved Cement Cold Porcelain Recipe

  • Dec 17, 2020

Made an improved recipe for cold porcelain using cement. This recipe is very easy to prepare cold porcelain. When dry, regardless of the layer, it does not crack. After complete drying for 1-3 days, it becomes very durable. And after a week, when the cement gains its strength, it generally becomes like a stone.

It is not afraid of water for a short time, but if left in water for several hours, it becomes soft and brittle. Any color or dye can be added to raw china. Before painting, the dried product must be washed with detergent to remove oil.

It can be painted well with acrylics and other paints.

To make cold porcelain, you will need:

• Any starch;

• Cement;

• PVA glue;

• Vegetable oil.

Used 5 parts of starch, 1 part of cement. I poured PVA glue by eye. I added vegetable oil a little at a time, for greater plasticity. If you put more cement, it will crack when dry.

The result is a great recipe for cold porcelain, which I recommend that you try.