Classic kitchen interior (42 photos)

  • Dec 19, 2020
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  • 1 Classic design in the kitchen
    • 1.1 Interior
    • 1.2 Walls, floor and ceiling
    • 1.3 Furniture
    • 1.4 Color and light
  • 2 Modern classic
  • 3 Conclusion

Probably, first of all, it is worth deciding on the very understanding of the classic interior and classics design in general, so that some more or less clear instruction on this appears before us occasion. In the literal sense, the fundamental and generally recognized examples from which the rest of the directions have developed can be called classics of design.

Classic kitchen interior

Kitchen interior - a classic in design

Classic design in the kitchen


classic kitchen interior

Classic kitchen interior

    • The interior of the room includes all items and accessories designed to create the interior decoration of the room. That is, this includes walls, floor and ceiling, all furniture, as well as its location, color and lighting. And if we are talking about classics, then this style should reflect the confidence of a wealthy person, in harmony with fine taste.
    • The luxury of the decoration of the room cannot be displayed, it just has to be felt internally, leaving at the same time a pleasant visual impression. You can watch a video clip on the classic design and, thanks to visual perception, all this will become much clearer.
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  • Since we are considering a classic style in the interior of the kitchen, the interior space must be correctly combined here. Such a room cannot be cramped - with narrow aisles or a lack of free space at the working or dining table. A small apartment is incompatible with a design in a similar style, just as classic design with low ceilings or with the addition of popular elements is impossible.

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Walls, floor and ceiling

classic kitchen in the interior

Decorating the walls and ceiling of the kitchen in a classic style

  • The classic style of the kitchen plays an important role in the interior design of the ceiling, walls and floor. The ceiling is most often finished with stucco molding, or at least its fragments, and separated from the walls with a wooden or plaster relief plinth. The floor must be covered with wood or ceramic parquet.
  • The classic-style kitchen interior pays special attention to the walls, dividing them into several visual zones. Below there is a basement belt, separated by a wooden or plaster molding, and above they usually make stucco or embedded frames, the width of which depends on the height of the ceilings. Provided that the ceilings are very high, sometimes they arrange another separate zone under the ceiling, also separating it with a relief baguette.
  • Even classic kitchens in the interior provide for niches in the walls, and the walls themselves can be upholstered with wooden panels, painted or pasted over with heavy wallpaper. Doric or Ionic columns can combine the floor with the ceiling and walls, if the room has the necessary space for this.


classic kitchen interior

Kitchen furniture in classic style

  • In order to create a classic kitchen interior, you need furniture in the same style. You can identify such products at first glance - they have worked out the finishing of all details to the smallest detail. There are no primary and secondary rungs and handles - each of them is a master's creation.
  • So, the classic kitchen interior can be filled with tables and chairs with carved curved legs, as in the photo above, as well as precious woods from which the furniture is made. There are no straight or broken lines, no plastic or vinyl finishes. For the upholstery of classic furniture, as a rule, dense heavy materials or natural leather and suede are used.

Color and light

classic kitchens in the interior

Classic kitchen lighting in bright colors

  • The classic kitchen in the interior is distinguished by the severity of the colors or, as they are also called, noble shades. These include soft, faded and achromatic tones that will not cut your eyesight and even attract special attention. Lovers of bright, saturated colors or kitsch can limit themselves to restrained burgundy or blue shades.
  • If you are installing classic-style kitchen lighting with your own hands, then do not forget that it should be sufficient. This implies not only the required number of lamps, but also their ability to use lamps of a certain wattage. Most often, crystal chandeliers, sconces or table lamps are used as lighting devices in a classic interior, the lampshade of which can also be made of porcelain.

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Modern classic

classic kitchen interior

Modern classic kitchen interior

  • Modern classics in the interior of the kitchen allows the use of new technologies in lighting and household appliances. So, on a figured ceiling, along with a chandelier, there can be recessed lamps, and if they are used not only as decoration, but also as the main lighting, then it is better if they are LED. In this case, you will achieve the best lighting with a small number of points.
  • In general, neoclassicism largely departs from the postulates of classicism in the interior, because new trends allow for small rooms and artificial materials in the design. Nevertheless, the severity and grace of lines remains, as well as restraint in shades, but, at the same time, thoughtfulness and expressiveness.

Recommendations. It is almost impossible for a person who is unfamiliar with the works of Russian and foreign classics (writers and artists) to decorate the interior of his apartment or a separate room on his own. After all, knowledge of the classics is knowledge of the basics! Also, you should not copy the interior from photographs or catalogs, because this loses individuality. In such cases, it is better to resort to the services of artists or graphic designers, who, after meeting you, will be able to reproduce the required picture.

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Of course, the price for a classic kitchen interior is considerable and will largely depend on the capabilities of the owner. But this style will never go out of fashion and will be appropriate in any situation!

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