Kitchen faucets with a filter, do-it-yourself connection: instructions, photo and video tutorials, price

  • Dec 19, 2020
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  • 1 Which mixer to choose
    • 1.1 Don't forget when buying
  • 2 Installation and connection of a mixer with a water filter
  • 3 What is it about them
  • 4 Conclusion

Today, the issue of drinking water quality is very acute. Various filtration systems are offered, with different capacities, methods and designs. Mixers have also evolved, instead of a separate tap for filtered water, mixers with a filter have appeared. You can connect a flow-through filter or a reverse osmosis filter to them and get not only benefit, but also pleasure from use.

One tap - two benefits.

One tap - two benefits.

The only thing that distinguishes kitchen faucets with a filter connection from simple faucets is that they have an additional channel and an opening for filtered water on a common spout. And the supply of purified water is regulated by a separate valve installed on the body.

It should be noted the special convenience of such a device, water of any quality from one tap. There is no need for additional drilling of a sink or countertop, and the design of such taps is the most advanced. Therefore, such combined, and this is how they are also called, cranes, are gaining great popularity.

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Which mixer to choose

How to choose the right filter mixer for your kitchen? What criteria should he meet? The main criteria will be design and price, respectively, a renowned manufacturer with a quality guarantee or just conquering the market.

In any case, we must rely on the fact that the crane must be made of good, reliable material. Most often, it is made from:

  • Stainless steel and steel alloys, brass, nickel, bronze;
  • Ceramics;
  • Plastics.

Mixers made of plastic, or their components, are highly resistant to aggressive media, do not alkalize, do not corrode. However, they are less durable in use than their metal or ceramic counterparts. The best are faucets, the body of which is made of metal, and the inner parts are made of ceramics.

Modern technologies make it possible to spray on metal and create an imitation of gold, platinum, silver, bronze, marble. Matte finishes are very popular, they do not leave marks.

For retro style kitchens, it is recommended to install a bronze or copper stylized faucet. For high-tech style, chrome or stainless steel is better suited.

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Cold tap water pressure, bronze styling.

Cold tap water pressure, bronze styling.

Filtered water pressure, bronze styling

Filtered water pressure, bronze styling

Combined faucet - stainless steel

Combined faucet - stainless steel

There is a huge selection of colors that the designers have brought to life. Solid, multi-colored, even contrasting kitchen filter taps are a striking element of the overall kitchen design.

And finally, general rules for choosing a mixer will also come in handy, namely:

  • you need to pay attention to the length of the spout and its bend, as well as the height (if the sink is deep, then take it lower and vice versa);
  • decide on the control knobs, where they should be located, at the bottom - at the top, on the left - on the right;
  • prefer a swivel spout or opt for an irreversible version.

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Don't forget when buying

If you have decided which mixer with a filter for the kitchen to buy, then all that remains is to inquire about the configuration in which it is sold. Typically, the kit includes hoses for connecting to tap water, mounts and special adapters. Sometimes even the filter itself is supplied in the kit.

An adapter is required - a tee, with a branching of the cold water supply to the filter and to the tap. Perhaps the supplied hoses will be short for installation in your kitchen, then you cannot do without additional hoses and connections.

Tee adapter for distributing cold water to the filter and tap.

Tee adapter for distributing cold water to the filter and tap.

Advice! Check the presence of a tee - adapter in the kit, or immediately purchase it upon purchase from the plumbing department. This tee is not always easy to find on the market.

Ask what kind of water connection is provided in the kit:

  • flexible;
  • tough.
Flexible water supply to the tap

Flexible water supply to the tap

Flexible eyeliner is the most common. Very easy to install. Standard rubber tubes, braided, are supposed to be replaced at a certain period of time, because they spoil themselves and spoil the sanitary characteristics of the water.

Rigid water supply to the tap

Rigid water supply to the tap

Rigid water supply to the faucet is a tube:

  • Copper;
  • Brass;
  • Steel.

Harder to install, but more reliable in work. They practically do not deteriorate for a long time, do not affect the chemical composition of water, do not accumulate dirt.

Installation and connection of a mixer with a water filter

Connection diagram of pipelines to the mixer.

Connection diagram of pipelines to the mixer.

A kitchen faucet with a water filter is assembled and installed in much the same way as a normal one. The only difference is that you need to connect the filter to the tap. And if the filter itself was not there, then you have to install it too.

The instructions attached to the mixer and filter will allow you to install it, not only with the help of specialists, but also with your own hands. The connection diagram is in the photo. For a more detailed consideration of this process, you can easily find a video on our website.

With a rigid connection type, there are a couple of nuances:

  • If the tubes are short, then they can be extended with flexible tubes through adapters.
  • If they are long, then they are cut and flared.
  • A tee must be placed on cold water to branch the supply to the filter and to the tap. Check the tightness of the connections and supply water.

If you install yourself, then in addition to the standard tool and a set of hoses, you should stock up on additional materials. These are rubber, silicone gaskets and fum tape. Silicone gaskets allow for a hermetic tightening, which is called - by hand.

Advice! When tightening the connections, calculate the applied forces, you can damage the gaskets, or strip the thread! Therefore - without enthusiasm with connections.

What is it about them

Filter taps are expensive. Who makes them, what guarantees? You can try to answer this question.

Today, products of the following European manufacturers are quite common:

  • KorDi - Switzerland;
  • ZorG - Czech Republic;
  • Atoll, Giulini, Webert - Italy;
  • Grohe, Elghansa - Germany.

Of course, the list goes on. Let us dwell on some examples to understand whether mixers with a filter connection are worth attention.

Mixer of Czech production - ZorG INOX SZR-1126-7R

Mixer of Czech production - ZorG INOX SZR-1126-7R

The richest selection of products is provided by the Czech manufacturer ZorG Sanitary.

You can consider one of its models - the ZorG INOX SZR-1126-7R TEMPORA mixer, its filling and properties:

  • ceramic cartridge KEROX (Hungary);
  • flexible connecting hoses KOTTMAN (Germany) - length 450 mm .;
  • aerator NEOPERL (Switzerland);
  • KLUBER grease (Germany);
  • ceramic seals;
  • noise class 1;
  • there is a stabilizing plate;
  • two coating options - matte or mirror polish;
  • material - stainless steel.

As you can see, the components are supplied only by trusted European manufacturers. In addition, a new type of ceramic cartridge is used in this model. High quality applies to the entire range offered by the company.

Grohe Eurodisc single lever mixer 33334001

Grohe Eurodisc single lever mixer 33334001

And here is the Grohe Eurodisc single-lever mixer 33334001 - Germany

Its features:

  • GROHE SilkMove® ceramic cartridge Ø 46 mm;
  • GROHE StarLight® surface;
  • ceramic valve-box for constipation of drinking water;
  • swivel cast spout;
  • aerator;
  • rigid eyeliner;
  • fast assembly system.

GROHE StarLight® - high-gloss chrome finish. It has the ability to repel dirt, is resistant to scratches and tarnishing.

The GROHE SilkMove® cartridge design uses premium ceramic alloy parts with Teflon lubricant coating to give your hand a smooth feel. This design and lubrication will ensure that the cartridge runs smoothly for years to come.

Ceramic cartridge with a diameter of 46 mm, has a better throughput than a conventional cartridge with a diameter of 40 mm.

It is pleasant to know that such reliable devices can not only decorate our interior, but also serve for a long time. They really deserve attention.


The modern kitchen has received an additional opportunity to give a person the convenience of using various devices. It is no longer necessary to pile up many cranes. You can just use one mixer. Excessive vanity leaves. And this - so much improves life!

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