Do-it-yourself kitchen made of wood (39 photos): video instruction

  • Dec 19, 2020
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  • 1 Step by step guide
    • 1.1 Tips for the selection of materials
    • 1.2 Cutting the purchased material
  • 2 Let's sum up

When a person thinks about how to independently make furniture for the kitchen, he will have to face a huge number of problems, since, without knowing the characteristics of various types of wood, it is difficult to create something worthwhile and durable.

Wooden kitchen furniture is quite expensive, so many men pick up a tool and make kitchens out of wood with their own hands. The instructions below will acquaint you with the basics of making furniture using natural solid wood.

A charming kitchen set from a skilled craftsman

A charming kitchen set from a skilled craftsman

Step by step guide

In order to make a kitchen set yourself, you must perform the following steps:

  1. We draw a plan of the future kitchen and indicate the following dimensions:
    • The width and height of the walls;
    • Dimensions of window gaps and walls.

    In addition, the drawing should show a detailed diagram of communications such as gas pipes, wiring, batteries, sockets and switches.

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  3. Having looked at the resulting drawing, you need to determine what shape your new typeface will be:
    • U-shaped;
    • L-shaped;
    • Linear.
  4. The next step is to plan the design of the room and "arrange" (place on paper) everything in its place:
    • The location of the washing section;
    • Desktop;
    • Gas stove;
    • Storage space for food;
    • Location of kitchen utensils and dishes.
Sample kitchen plan

Sample kitchen plan

The washing machine, sink and dishwasher are best located close to the drain and drainage system. A gas stove, respectively, near gas pipes, etc.

  1. Now the most important thing is that do-it-yourself wooden kitchens need a detailed drawing and it is you who have to draw it up.
    The following factors should be considered when marking:
    • Distance from kitchen countertops to the floor - this takes into account the height of the person who most often cooks. Also, do not forget about his working hand - left or right.
    • We indicate the dimensions of drawers, side tables, tables, doors and wall cabinets.

Do not forget about the fact that in the drawing it is necessary to indicate the material from which will be made kitchen fronts, frame and table top.

Also as for fronts for the kitchen - display whether they will be transparent or not, will they have mirrors or will be decorated with carvings. The fittings should be marked in the amount required for the complete assembly of the structure (handles, hinges, brackets, etc.).

If you just don't have enough imagination of your own to create a unique headset, check out the magazines - from the models you like, you can model your own furniture, adapted to the size of your kitchen.

A master class from a home master - deserves admiration!

A master class from a home master - deserves admiration!

If at one time you skipped drawing, then you should turn to the computer - there are many furniture programs on the Internet with which you can create not only a 2 D model, but also a 3 D one.
The most popular is the PRO-100 program.

  1. Taking into account all the dimensions obtained, we calculate the exact amount of the required material.

Tips for the selection of materials

A wooden kitchen with your own hands requires a special approach, so we will try to choose only high-quality and durable materials that even a beginner will be easy to handle.

Consider the most practical and affordable materials for making a kitchen set:

  1. For side walls of cabinets, shelves and pedestals, MDF 16 mm thick can be used;
    Painted MDF 16 mm

    Painted MDF 16 mm

  2. For the side walls of all kinds of drawers, it is customary to use fiberboard 5 mm thick;
    Fiberboard 5 mm

    Fiberboard 5 mm

  3. The back walls of the cabinets and the bottom of the drawers are made of plywood;
  4. As for the countertop, there are many options - if you want an environmentally friendly set, you can use solid wood, 32 mm thick;
    Luxurious solid wood worktop

    Luxurious solid wood worktop

  5. Before using the material for the countertop, it is necessary to treat it with all kinds of antiseptic compounds;
  6. If you do not have the appropriate skills of a carpenter or cabinetmaker, then the doors are best purchased at the store. The price for them is low and each of us can afford them;
  7. As for the fittings, then you will need hinges, door handles, edgebands, cabinet legs, euro screws, small nails, ball or roller guides, metal and plastic corners, shelf supports;


  8. Don't forget to buy a dish washer and dryer.

Cutting the purchased material

In order to cut the purchased material exactly and as accurately as possible in size, it is best to contact the company. By the way, many companies supplying the material make a cut according to the dimensions you specified, make holes and round the edges - in general, they do all the dirty work for you. You only need to pick up the prepared material and collect it in your kitchen.

In general, cutting the material is an inexpensive service, so if you have the opportunity to use it, do not spare money. On the way out, you will save a lot of time and money by having perfectly fitted parts at your disposal.

Essential tool for creating a wooden kitchen:

  • Screwdriver and drill with a set of drills and bits;
  • Nails and hammer;
  • Pencil, square and tape measure;
  • Construction level;
  • You will need a jigsaw if you are going to cut the material yourself;
  • Hacksaw for wood (necessary for processing small parts and shortcomings);
  • Sandpaper and a construction knife.

In general, kitchen furniture consists of only three types of products: wall and floor cabinets with doors and shelves, a work surface. They differ only in design and quantity.

Let's sum up

A headset assembled with your own hands is real!

A headset assembled with your own hands is real!

That's basically all a novice carpenter needs to know. We hope that now you understand how to make a kitchen with your own hands from wood and you have no doubts about your decision. If you still have questions, then especially for you, we have prepared a thematic photo and video material in which you will find answers to your questions.

It remains only to remind about the main thing - after the complete assembly of your new headset, you will have to disassemble it in order to paint the surface and treat it with varnish. After processing and drying all the components, the kitchen is reassembled and installed in a pre-designated place for it.


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