Kitchens: Chernozem furniture (39 photos), kitchen sets Aphrodite, Napoli

  • Dec 19, 2020
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From time immemorial, the burning hearth gathered around itself all the inhabitants of the dwelling. They warmed up near him, cooked food, rested and even held a family council.

Centuries have passed, and the kitchen is still an irreplaceable place in the house. True, the fire, enclosed in safe stoves, no longer smokes, and instead of benches covered with skins, there are elegant kitchen sets and dining areas.

Fashionable kitchen from the "Aphrodite" series

Fashionable kitchen from the "Aphrodite" series

And we present to your attention the modern kitchens of the Black Earth Region, which are able to transform any room for cooking into a real "heart" of the house!

Quality materials - MDF, glass, plastic, wood; charming decorative details - carving, gilding, aging, exquisite fittings - all this is not will only change the look of the kitchen and make it more functional, but also emphasize the individual taste of the owners at home!

A little about the company

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Company `s logo

Company `s logo

The Voronezh regional industrial complex in the Zheleznodorozhny district became the origin of the Mebel Chernozemye holding company. It was created in 1943 from small factories, and at that time it had nothing to do with woodworking.

In the post-war period, taking into account the requests of the residents of Voronezh, the services of the plant changed, new ones were gradually introduced and improved.

Today Mebel Chernozemya confidently bears the banner of the largest furniture company in Russia and is one of the three leaders in this industry.

Its factories produce a wide range of furniture in a wide variety of styles and price groups: bedrooms, living rooms, nurseries, upholstered furniture, kitchen sets and dining areas. But one thing unites all products - impeccable quality!

Why is it worth making a choice in favor of this manufacturer?

  1. Holding "Mebel Chernozemya" has a large production and technical complex equipped with the most advanced equipment for the production of furniture.
  2. The company's own sales network includes 55 branded furniture showrooms in 18 major cities of our country. In addition, there are over 200 trading partners in all regions of Russia and in the countries of near and far abroad.
  3. Among the honorable clients are the Government of the Russian Federation, the Administration of the President of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, educational and sanatorium-resort institutions.
  4. The holding company Mebel Chernozemya wins prestigious competitions and awards every year domestic and international exhibitions for environmental friendliness, quality, wide range and exclusive design products.
  5. The most honorable of all available awards is the Russian Cabriole (the annual National Award in the field of industrial furniture design). They give it for the quality, style and comfort of the product. The company has already won 8 such awards, one of which was deservedly received by the kitchen furniture of the "Aphrodite" series.
  6. The company's goal is to create furniture of high quality and original design at a cost acceptable for the middle class of people (moreover, an affordable price does not affect the quality of products).
A solid set from the "Aphrodite" series with a German-made artificial stone countertop

A solid set from the "Aphrodite" series with a German-made artificial stone countertop

Note! Each piece of furniture "Chernozemye" is accompanied by an instruction, which contains a detailed description the purchased product, as well as information on how to collect, operate and care for him.

In addition, on our website you will find a video that clearly shows how to assemble a kitchen set with your own hands.

Kitchen furniture

Art Nouveau kitchen furniture from the Aphrodite series

Art Nouveau kitchen furniture from the Aphrodite series

Mebel Chernozemya is a collection of beautiful and reliable kitchen sets, distinguished by their excellent design, the highest quality and indescribable comfort. Let's take a look at the most popular headset series offered by the leading company.

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Napoli series

In the manufacture of this series of kitchen sets, the original Italian furniture set was used as a prototype. Therefore, any Napoli kitchen harmoniously combines the traditions and art of Italian masters with the advantages of innovative materials and technologies.

In all elements of the headset, nobility and solidity can be seen

In all elements of the headset, nobility and solidity can be seen

Look at the photo - rich traditional Italian color "pegasus", unobtrusive luxury classic style, location along one wall (especially for small kitchens), compactness.

And these are not all the distinctive features of Napoli kitchen sets!

  • Complex facades, volumetric panels on front doors;
  • Carved base made of natural wood;
  • Sliding stained-glass windows made of frosted glass with golden profiles;
  • Filigree arched elements that are decorated with bronze decor, repeating the color and shape of the fittings and ornaments on the stained glass windows.

Attention! All furniture fittings are purchased from leading manufacturers in countries such as Germany and Italy.

The softest and most picturesque classics

The softest and most picturesque classics

By purchasing the Napoli set you bring a piece of Italian tradition into your home, where the preparation of delicious and healthy food comes first! Complement the kitchen interior with a table and chairs from the same series - here is a small corner of gentle and hospitable Italy.

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Series "Aphrodite"

Kitchen furniture in this series is presented in many variations. Here you will find both modern style headsets (modern, minimalism) and more archaic headsets (country, provence, classic).

Modern kitchen set "Aphrodite" - tenderness of colors and laconic design

Modern kitchen set "Aphrodite" - tenderness of colors and laconic design

A snow-white and festive classic in all its glory!

A snow-white and festive classic in all its glory!

A wide variety of materials, colors, textures and decorative elements, such as balustrades, cornices, pilasters, carvings, solid wood air ducts and so on.

You can choose a ready-made set or make it to order, picking up all the necessary materials, color scheme and decorative elements at your discretion.

And one of the experienced consultants-designers of the company will help you decide on the appropriate configuration option, taking into account the overall interior of your kitchen.

Important! The materials used for production have proven quality and high resistance to external influences (moisture, temperature changes, the appearance of fungi, mechanical damage).

For example, the kitchen Aphrodite, shown in the photo, is made in the "Country" style and has an angular shape. Pleasant ivory color, unusual combination of carved and glass elements of the facade, original marked cooking area.

Nothing superfluous, nothing unaccounted for - everything in the headset is arranged in such a way as to create a comfortable and cozy atmosphere!

A set in the style of "Country" - this one will definitely adorn any kitchen

A set in the style of "Country" - this one will definitely adorn any kitchen


Perhaps, for every family, the kitchen is not only a place where food is prepared. Family celebrations, receptions and heart-to-heart talks are also held here.

Therefore, it is very important that it is functional, beautiful and comfortable. The kitchen range of the Chernozemye Mebel company meets all these requirements and will help you make the kitchen the “heart” of your home!

Country style kitchen - see here.


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