A set of kitchen furniture (51 photos): DIY video instructions for installation, features of headsets for a small room, "alpha", "vita", price, photo

  • Dec 19, 2020
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  • 1 Kitchen furniture: location and completeness
    • 1.1 Location
    • 1.2 Completeness
  • 2 Style selection criteria
    • 2.1 Classic style
    • 2.2 Modern style
    • 2.3 Country style
  • 3 Conclusion

If you want your kitchen to look individual, then the furniture for it must be selected carefully, despite the fact that you have the most ordinary kitchen room.

For example, when ordering a set of kitchen furniture for a small kitchen exclusively for your limited space, you rationally and reasonably use every piece of scarce space. Make the kitchen practical, just for yourself and all your household.

Furniture set "Linda 18 Sh" from Belarusian manufacturers

Furniture set "Linda 18 Sh" from Belarusian manufacturers

Kitchen furniture: location and completeness


Kitchen furniture can be arranged as follows:

  • in two rows;
  • in one row;
  • the letter "G"
  • the letter "P" and many more different variations to your taste.

Everything will depend not only on your imagination, but also on conditions such as:

  • room area;
  • room shape;
  • your individual preferences.

The main starting point for the arrangement of furniture is, of course, the stove and sink.

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The space of the kitchen, regardless of whether it is a "Khrushchev" or an extensive kitchen-dining room, is functionally and visually divided into two main zones: the working (cooking zone) and, in fact, the dining room.

Kitchen set "Dolce Vita"

Kitchen set "Dolce Vita"

When choosing furniture for the kitchen, it is imperative to take into account the features of each of the above zones. This must be done at least for the purpose of not getting dishware out of the cabinet over the heads of household members sitting at the table in the future.

In addition, shelves and cabinets should be positioned so that there is no need to make unnecessary movements. Also, do not forget about such a moment as a place for household appliances. Therefore, you must work out all these nuances in advance, having prepared the room with your own hands for the purchase of new kitchen furniture.


What do furniture kitchen sets (headsets) consist of?

This is usually:

  • wall cabinets - ultimately determining the overall height of the headsets; there are - open (in the form of shelves) and closed (with blind and stained glass facades) type;
  • floor cabinets (cabinets) are the basis of the headset, in which they store the bulk of everything that is necessary for the functioning of the kitchen;
  • cabinets-cases (columns) - serve for storing food, often household appliances are built into them;
  • can also include such mobile elements as: side tables, bar and semi-bar tables, which, if desired, can be moved using supports equipped with wheels.

Style selection criteria

Comparing the style of kitchens, first of all, they pay attention to the material that is used for the manufacture of furniture facades. But this criterion is by no means fundamental.

For example, a set of furniture for the kitchen in the Art Nouveau style can be built with facades of natural solid wood - it will look very modern and beautiful.

Let's take a look at the differences in kitchen furniture styles that modern manufacturers showcase in the markets.

These are three main areas:

  • classic;
  • modern;
  • country.

Classic style

A peculiar set of classic kitchen furniture from Italian manufacturers - CESAR factory

A peculiar set of classic kitchen furniture from Italian manufacturers - CESAR factory

Many manufacturers make furniture of the classic direction, adhering to the needs of a large mass of the population. Below market price - economy class - is often decisive when choosing a kitchen set.

The classic style has long won its admirers, having passed the test of time, symbolizing a "home" and adding warmth and comfort to the general atmosphere.

Such furniture will look quite harmoniously like:

  • in large rooms with very high ceilings;
  • and in small kitchenettes.

What features does classic style furniture have?

  1. The material used for the manufacture of facades: solid wood, most often carved or with a panel.
  2. Decorative elements are often used: arches, cornices (both upper and lower), balustrades and pilasters.
  3. Hanging cabinets, as a rule, of vertical arrangement with hinged front doors.
  4. Floor cabinets and cabinets are also mostly hinged, with doors.
  5. Often the use of stained glass for facade decoration.
  6. When using built-in kitchen appliances, they try to adhere to color harmony with the overall style of the kitchen.
A set of furniture for a small kitchen: classic, patina, material - bleached oak

A set of furniture for a small kitchen: classic, patina, material - bleached oak

Modern style

Sets of kitchen furniture "Alpha" - modern style, MDF facade

Sets of kitchen furniture "Alpha" - modern style, MDF facade

Kitchens made in Art Nouveau style will appeal to those who are used to keeping up with the times. This style is a definite challenge to modernity, which is rapidly changing from day to day. A special place is given to such a direction as high-tech - which is characterized by the ubiquitous combination of glass and metal.

The main features of modern kitchens:

  • Modern materials used for facades: coated with enamel or faced with plastic and MDF film, aluminum profiles with glass inserts, plastic, MDF; facades without a frontal pattern ("soap"), slightly milled facades.
  • Severity and clarity of lines, simplicity of forms, the absence of any decorative elements.
  • Wall-mounted kitchen cabinets are arranged horizontally, the front doors open upward with the help of modern pneumatic mechanisms.
  • Floor-standing cabinets with wide fronts and drawers. Drawers are specially made wide in order to maintain symmetry in relation to wall cabinets located horizontally.
  • Extensive backlighting applications.
  • Widespread use of built-in household appliances.
In this photo, a modern kitchen is the standard of a typical setting

In this photo, a modern kitchen is the standard of a typical setting

Country style

Country style kitchens are quite popular these days, due to the fact that they combine:

  • decent quality;
  • low cost;
  • ease of use.

What are the distinguishing features of country-style kitchen furniture sets?

Let's take a closer look:

  • material used for manufacturing of kitchen facades: frame models based on MDF profiles, solid wood, natural rattan, glass;
  • the use of simplicity of forms, a certain severity of lines, the absolute absence of any decorative manifestations in the design;
Kitchen interior decorated in country style

Kitchen interior decorated in country style

  • wall cabinets, located vertically - with hinged front doors;
  • floor cabinets are equipped with hinged front doors (small);
  • it is possible to use household appliances that are installed separately from the headset.


Manufacturers of modern kitchen furniture, if desired, provide the possibility of making sets according to individual measurements and room characteristics. In addition, you may need individual parts (for example, shelves) of a non-standard configuration, cabinets with cutouts for plumbing fixtures, etc. All this is available!

In the video presented in this article, you will find additional information on this topic, and the lessons and clear instructions from professionals - will give confidence to your actions related to updating the kitchen furniture.


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