Kitchens made of wood (51 photos): DIY video instructions for installation, features of kitchen products, buffets, with a stove in the village, price, photo

  • Dec 19, 2020
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  • 1 Kitchen in a wooden house
    • 1.1 Pros and cons of wooden kitchens
      • 1.1.1 Benefits
      • 1.1.2 disadvantages
    • 1.2 What wood is used for kitchen furniture
    • 1.3 Interior features
  • 2 Conclusion

At the moment, there are many different styles of kitchen decoration. However, wood products for the kitchen continue to be in great demand, since this material is environmentally friendly, durable and has an attractive appearance.

And in some cases there are simply no analogues to the tree, and if there is, then it is either impractical or ugly. For example, wooden sideboards for kitchens are by far the most popular products of their kind, despite the fact that there are quite a few models made of plastic or glass.

Wooden kitchen - a set in a classic style.

Wooden kitchen - a set in a classic style.

And if you want to completely or partially create a wooden interior in your kitchen, then you will need a small instruction that will help you understand the nuances of such a design and its possible styles.

Kitchen in a wooden house

If we talk about kitchens made of wood, then there can be two options:

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  • A kitchen with a stove in a village or in a private house can be made entirely of wood. Some people also decorate the kitchens of city apartments in wood, which is much more rare.
  • Only some elements of the interior are made of wood, such as a suite, a table, chairs, etc.. This option is more acceptable for city apartments.

Pros and cons of wooden kitchens


  1. Wood is an environmentally friendly material, and today this factor is important, because furniture production often uses not very high-quality materials, the environmental friendliness of which is under big question.
  2. A solid wood kitchen is classic, elegance and luxury. Even the simplest wooden furniture will have a presentable appearance. Even the simplest set that does not have carved walls and original glass inserts will look elegant and presentable. What can we say then about white Provence style kitchens, which are famous for their originality and elegance.
Provence style kitchen.

Provence style kitchen.

  1. Everyone knows that wood does not tolerate increased dampness, temperature changes, fat, soot, etc., well eats into its surface. However, modern manufacturers use special impregnations that create a strong film on the surface of wooden headsets. It becomes that protective barrier that effectively resists all negative factors.
  2. A huge range of design solutions.
  3. Huge selection of materials used in production. So, wood can be both budgetary and very expensive. Therefore, you can surely find a headset for your pocket.
  4. High durability of such furniture. There are examples when the service life of wooden furniture was about 500 years.


  1. Quite a meager assortment of colors. Natural colors of wood are light and dark brown tones, there are also red-brown tones. Add to this the white color of Provence style kitchens - and you can assume that you have listed all the options for natural color solutions, which is why such headsets are focused on classic style of kitchen interior.
    Nevertheless, today in the production of kitchen furniture, all kinds of dyes are used, which significantly expand the usual color palette of wood products. Therefore, if natural shades are not fundamental to you, you can choose a painted set.
Blue wooden kitchen.

Blue wooden kitchen.

  1. Despite the existence of all kinds of protective impregnations, it is better to protect such kitchens from moisture and carry out regular maintenance of their surfaces using special polishes.
  2. A wooden set will cost you much more than one made of MDF or chipboard. However, these materials are not so flexible in work that they can be used to create original pieces of furniture. Therefore, if you want exclusiveness and natural beauty, then you should give your preference to solid wood furniture.
    An excellent choice in terms of price / quality ratio are Belarusian headsets with a manufacturer's warranty, the material for which is exquisite ebony.

What wood is used for kitchen furniture

For the manufacture of kitchen sets, so-called valuable types of wood are most often used. Their main value lies in their durability and strength, as well as in the original design. Furniture made from such wood should not only have an attractive appearance, but also maintain it for a long time.

Due to its structure, dense wood is less susceptible to rotting, insects practically do not start in it, and products from it are able to withstand high loads for a long time.

So, valuable types of wood include: oak, beech, mahogany, walnut, cherry, maple.

Interior features

Wooden interior.

Wooden interior.

Of course, for wooden houses, the most preferable interior decoration is made of wood. Thus, the country kitchen in the village will acquire naturalness and natural charm. However, if we talk about finishing the kitchen, then some problems may arise here, because the kitchen is a place of high humidity, and we all know that wood does not like moisture.

In order for the wooden coatings not to deteriorate under the influence of excessive moisture, they must be treated with special compounds, which, among other things, will provide them with protection from insects and fire.

When decorating a room with your own hands, you must take into account all the features of the kitchen, in particular, the presence of an apron. The tree is not suitable for these needs. And even if the coating is processed with all the necessary compounds and becomes fireproof, you cannot protect it from fat and excess moisture.

Therefore, the apron should be finished with the following materials:

  • Tile. This is a true classic for kitchen aprons. The tile covering is easy to clean, does not fade over time, and therefore perfectly protects the wall surface from grease, food particles and moisture. Another advantage of the tile is the affordable price of some of its types.
  • Mirror. A very interesting option that even has some extravagance. In addition to its spectacular appearance, this material is able to visually expand the space. The disadvantages of the coating include exactingness in constant care. Its surface is very prone to scratching and you should clean it very carefully to avoid premature wear.
    The photo shows a kitchen apron made of mirror tiles.

    The photo shows a kitchen apron made of mirror tiles.

  • Plexiglass. This material is attractive due to its transparent structure and high strength. Its transparency allows you to place various decorative elements behind it, for example, to arrange a spectacular lighting.

Speaking of floor coverings, it should be noted that they should be made darker than the ceiling and walls. For this can be used dark laminate for kitchen.


Wooden kitchen interiors are very trendy these days. And even a kitchen with a stove in a village can be very refined and sustained in a certain style. And the point here is not only environmental friendliness, but also the natural beauty that products from this material possess.

In the video presented in this article, you will find additional information on this topic.


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