Photo tile for the kitchen (42 photos) on an apron: how to do it yourself, instructions, photo and video tutorials

  • Dec 20, 2020
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  • 1 What is photo tile
    • 1.1 Manufacturing technology
    • 1.2 Advantages of photo tiles
  • 2 Variants of using photo tiles in the kitchen
    • 2.1 Kitchen apron
    • 2.2 Table top
    • 2.3 Walls and columns
    • 2.4 Floors
  • 3 Conclusion

How often have you met people who managed to accurately implement their kitchen design project? It doesn't matter if it was created by a professional or was born in the head of the owner of the property?

Usually all plans collapse when a person realizes that the furniture, tiles or wallpaper he needs does not exist in nature. But this is not a reason to abandon your idea - everything you need can be done with your own hands or made to order.

photo tile for kitchen

Exclusive interior is made up of non-standard solutions

The most demanded material for kitchen decoration is ceramic tiles. It is practical, easy to use and durable. But the notorious "hog" has already set the teeth on edge, and the tiles of famous collections are very recognizable and standard. She will certainly meet sooner or later in the kitchen of someone she knows.

instagram viewer

Do you want something original? Kitchen photo tiles will help your desires come true - it is with its help that you can create a truly exclusive design.

What is photo tile

Not so long ago it was very problematic to choose a pattern on the tiles that would ideally fit into the interior being created. I had to go from the opposite: first choose the tiles, and then create the filling of the rest of the space in accordance with the given theme, color and style. Or buy a tile that is approximately suitable for these parameters.

With the advent of modern technologies for applying full-color images to ceramics, the situation has changed: now we can express our individuality, embodying any artistic ideas.

photo tile for the kitchen

Any quality image can be transferred to tiles

Manufacturing technology

There are various technologies that allow you to transfer photographic quality images to ceramic or glass tiles.

  • Decal technology. First, a drawing or photo is printed on special stencils with ceramic paints, then transferred to the tile. After that, the tiles are well dried and sent to the kiln for 8 hours, the temperature in which reaches 800 degrees. Ceramic paints consist of organic and inorganic compounds, the first of which completely burn out during firing, and the inorganic components are firmly fixed in the top layer of the tile.
  • Sublimation technology. The essence of this method is that first a polymer coating is applied to the tile surface, then the required image. The paints used to create it pass from a solid to a gaseous state under the action of high temperature and penetrate into the tile coating. That is, absorption occurs, in which the paint does not lose its rich color.

For reference. To make photo tiles by any of these methods, time-consuming manual work is used. Therefore, the price for such a tile cannot be low.

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Advantages of photo tiles

Photo tiles made using Decal and Sublimation technology are highly resistant to water and detergent chemicals. Therefore, it can be safely used not only in the kitchen or bathroom, but even for facades.

This is especially true of the Decal tile, which has properties such as:

  • Frost resistance;
  • Resistant to UV fading;
  • High mechanical strength - its surface is not scratched.

Manufacturers give a guarantee for such tiles for up to 50 years, provided that the instructions for its installation have been followed.

Variants of using photo tiles in the kitchen

I would like to note right away that photo tiles can be independent decorative elements - when the image is applied completely to one tile. Or it can be part of a photopanel of any number of tiles. This allows you to create drawings of any required configuration.

on the apron

Photopanel from tiles

Kitchen apron

It is he who often becomes the main decoration of the kitchen. And the photo tile on the apron allows you to interestingly beat its entire area, including the area under the hood or upper cabinets placed at different levels.

Note. When using photo-printed glass, this is more difficult and more expensive, since it usually has a regular rectangular shape. And to create an apron of a complex shape, you have to either make additional cutouts, or assemble it from separate elements.

Option for using photo tiles for an apron

As mentioned above, the resistance of the image to moisture and detergents allows you not to worry that such an apron will quickly lose its original appearance from frequent washing.

Table top

The surface of the work table can also be tiled with ceramic tiles or porcelain stoneware with a pattern applied to it.

Photo printing on the countertop

Such decor can cover the entire surface or only part of it. You see a very interesting solution in the picture above: images of berries scattered on the countertop give the kitchen freshness and comfort.

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Walls and columns

In kitchens, very often there are various ledges or niches behind which ventilation ducts and air ducts are hidden. With the help of a photopanel from tiles, they can be turned into a real interior decoration.

Likewise, you can decorate even walls in the dining area.

Panel from photo tiles on the wall


Today it is very fashionable to use various images in decoration. For this, the most unexpected surfaces are used, including floors. You've probably seen video clips and photos of self-leveling floors that amaze with the naturalness of 3D pictures.

A similar effect can be achieved using photo tiles.

Photopanel on the floor


Today, the pursuit of individuality has become a natural need for people. If you decide to express yourself by creating an original, unlike other interior, modern technologies will help you with this. Including those with the help of which photo tiles are created Ceramic tiles for the kitchen on the apron: selection and installation - see here.

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