Premium kitchens (60 photos): video instructions for choosing with your own hands, which kitchen appliances are suitable, how to choose a corner, price, photo

  • Dec 20, 2020
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  • 1 Modern elite kitchens
    • 1.1 The first factor of elite cuisine is space
    • 1.2 Elite furniture in an elite kitchen: classics and innovations
  • 2 Conclusion

What should be understood by the term “elite cuisine”? Everyone has their own understanding of this term, but, one way or another, such a kitchen is the dream of every housewife and even the owner. And looking at the photo of premium kitchens, everyone agrees on the desire to have something similar in their apartment.

Natural materials, exclusive designs, often including handmade elements - all this allows you to create a truly unique interior that can emphasize high status and excellent taste owner. It is about such kitchens that we will talk in this article.

The premium kitchen looks like a king.

The premium kitchen looks like a king.

Modern elite kitchens

The undoubted leaders in the production of expensive and elite kitchen furniture are the countries of Europe, among which Italy is the most famous. This country has a centuries-old tradition of furniture making, which has allowed to educate several generations of furniture art masters. And today the elite

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italian kitchen sets equated to masterpieces.

Italian kitchen set.

Italian kitchen set.

Of course, premium kitchens include more than just traditional classics such as Provence and Art Nouveau. Such a kitchen set can be made in any style.

The following factors are determining here:

  • Individual approach to the implementation of a design project. In this case, all the wishes of the customer are taken into account, since the ultimate goal is to provide the perfect product that can decorate any kitchen.
  • High quality materials. And very often the word "exclusive" is applied here not only to design elements, but also to the materials themselves, which can also be quite rare.
  • Big sizes. Premium kitchens are never medium-sized and even more so small in size. Space determines everything here, since most of these kitchens have an "island" layout (as in the photo below).
"Island" kitchen layout, when the sink, work area, and sometimes the stove, are taken out on the so-called "island" located in the middle of the room.

"Island" kitchen layout, when the sink, work area, and sometimes the stove, are taken out on the so-called "island" located in the middle of the room.

  • Premium kitchen appliances. In such kitchens, only the most perfect achievements of technical progress are always present..

The first factor of elite cuisine is space

Agree, a luxurious kitchen set will just look ridiculous in a small room, because the elite kitchen is the personification of ergonomics, beauty, and maximum comfort. Here, every element is designed to create a cozy and practical interior.

The correct organization of a large kitchen space is based on several points:

  • Spacious wardrobes and cabinets, long and wide countertops. Such kitchens are often made with elongated kitchen bar counters and additional "islands", therefore, it is very important to maintain sufficient space between the pieces of furniture. It goes without saying that enough free space is required here.
    A premium kitchenette is also generally larger in size to accommodate as many people as possible.
  • The principles of zoning are actively used here.. For example, such kitchens are often combined with a dining area or living room, while it is important to maintain a certain autonomy and style for each of the zones. Typically, the distance between the workplace and the dining table in such kitchens is more than 5 meters.
Zoning of elite cuisine.

Zoning of elite cuisine.

  • In a spacious room, original design ideas always look great. Therefore, you can hardly find an elite kitchen with a simple interior.

You should not unnecessarily pile up the room, because in an ideal interior, each item should be separated by a personal space, without getting lost against the background of other elements.

Due to the complexity, it is better not to try to create an elite kitchen with your own hands, because no instruction will help you in this matter. Therefore, it is better to trust a professional designer.

Elite furniture in an elite kitchen: classics and innovations

Classic kitchen set.

Classic kitchen set.

A very current trend in the field of luxury kitchens is strict classics. It is made of precious woods, decorated with stucco, patina and carving. Over time, classic ideas in the interior, like good wine, acquire more and more value and sophistication.

In such kitchens, the spirit of aristocracy hovers, and even the presence of modern technology in the interior, hidden by the retouching of wooden panels, does not spoil the impression. If you like the conservative style, then the kitchen, made in the style of classicism, is able to embody all your ideas about what the ideal interior should be.

But elite cuisine is not only tradition, luxury, functionality and convenience, but also the use of the latest achievements of fashion and technology:

  • For the manufacture of countertops and sinks, natural stone is most often used here. Its quality is confirmed by the high price.
  • One of the modern design trends - photo printing on facades, uses modern technologies and high quality materials. Various varnishes, paints, impregnations, as well as a number of other materials are of high quality and safety.
Application of photo printing technology.

Application of photo printing technology.

  • Steel is a familiar material for the kitchen. But only true connoisseurs of luxury can afford sheets of nickel, copper, chromium, as well as precious metals (gold, platinum). And it is thanks to new technologies that it became possible to create exclusive interiors from not very practical materials.
    Swarovski crystals, Murano glass, crystal, coating of individual elements with platinum and gold, the presence of rare stones - all this can make an elite kitchen truly perfect and unique.
  • Modern designers do not forget about wood either. But in this case we are talking about the best and highest quality wood.


If you love luxury and comfort, then the elite cuisine is what you need. But to make such a dream come true will require considerable financial costs, and only you can decide whether it is worth it or not. If you want to know more information on this topic - watch the video materials at the bottom of the page.


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