Kitchen design combined with a living room (48 photos): how to create it yourself, instructions, photo and video tutorials

  • Dec 20, 2020
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  • 1 Differentiation methods
    • 1.1 Small apartments
    • 1.2 Full-size apartments and cottage-type private houses
  • 2 Why combine
  • 3 Combination works
  • 4 Conclusion

The combination of living room and kitchen is used not only to enlarge too cramped kitchens of "Khrushchev" and houses with poor planning, but also as a rather successful and fashionable design move.

The open studio style looks great in cottages and modern luxury premium apartments. And powerful evacuation hoods perfectly cope with the removal of products from culinary procedures.

The design of a combined kitchen with a living room or another room is a simple thing at first glance, however, in reality it is not.

kitchen design combined with living room

The modern design of the combined living room and kitchen is a perfect example of combining two spaces.

Differentiation methods

design of a combined kitchen with a living room

Dividing the kitchen and living room with an arch.

Combining by combining, but delimiting two functionally distinct zones - the kitchen and the living room - is still necessary.

And here two cases should be distinguished at once:

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  1. Zoning a small apartment in order to save such expensive square meters;
  2. Separation kitchens and lounges for dining in a cottage or full-sized modern apartment.

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Small apartments

design of a combined living room with kitchen

In “Khrushchevs” a small bar counter can serve as a dividing element.

For small apartments, small but functional objects can act as a dividing element:

  • Pass-through cabinets;
  • Bar counters;
  • Small narrow tables;
  • Shelves;
  • Arches;
  • Parts of the wall;
  • Various zoning methods.

By and large, it is not at all necessary to use explicit elements of the separation of the kitchen and living room.

It is quite possible to get by with such methods:

  • Lighting of different intensity and shade;
  • Small podium;
  • Various flooring;
  • Arched imitation;
  • Screens and curtains;
  • Wall and ceiling decoration materials;
  • Dropped ceilings.

Advice! If you decide to combine a kitchen with a living room in a small apartment, you will have to take care of good ventilation. and a powerful evacuation-type hood, otherwise your apartment will absorb odors, and soot and grease will settle on the furniture.

living room design combined with kitchen

In the photo, the kitchen is separated by a floor covering.

Full-size apartments and cottage-type private houses

interior of the kitchen combined with the living room

The design of the living room combined with a large kitchen allows you to use a combination of zoning methods.

For large apartments and cottages, as well as private houses with large rooms and kitchens, you can use the following techniques to differentiate:

  • Massive tables;
  • Large wardrobes;
  • Modular kitchen systems and island kitchens;
  • Podiums;
  • Plant partitions;
  • Sliding screens.

Design and art techniques are also applicable here:

  • The use of suspended ceilings with the allocation of zones;
  • Wall decoration;
  • Various floor coverings;
  • Using the possibilities of lighting and lighting furniture and walls;
  • Arches and arched imitations;
  • Fragments of walls and bar counters;
  • Various combinations of all named techniques.

Why combine

The interior of the kitchen combined with the living room can be made simple and sophisticated.

Many people have a very reasonable question: why, in fact, even combine the kitchen with the living room? What is so good about it?

Let's try to answer this question from different points of view.

  • Firstly, it is convenient for young mothers who do not need to rush from room to kitchen and back - the child is always in sight and reach;
  • Secondly, the space that was occupied by the partition wall is freed up, often this wall interfered with the installation of equipment with doors, etc.
  • Thirdly, feasts and gatherings no longer turn into hard labor for the owners who are forced to rush from the kitchen to the room and vice versa, guests can take care of themselves;
  • Fourth, you don't need a separate TV in the kitchen or a separate refrigerator for drinks in the room;
  • Fifthly, the partition does not obscure the light coming from the kitchen window into the room and vice versa;
  • Sixth, the kitchen "scorching heat" will evenly heat the whole apartment;
  • Seventh, husband and wife will finally be able to communicate in a calm tone rather than shouting;
  • Eighth, the capacity of the apartment will increase for celebrations and birthdays;
  • After all, it is stylish, fashionable and unusual, especially for Russia and the CIS countries.

Interesting to know! In Western Europe, studio apartments are very popular, where there are no partitions between rooms at all.

Even an aquarium can be a zoning element.

The combined option, of course, has a number of disadvantages:

  • With frequent cooking, the apartment will be filled with kitchen smells (although with a good hostess, this is more likely a plus);
  • Frequent cleaning will be required;
  • The abundance of water vapor will not have the best effect on furniture and appliances;
  • If earlier, in the event of a quarrel, the spouses could disperse who where, but now they are like in a cage;
  • Guests should not always see what is happening in the kitchen when preparing a festive table;
  • The kitchen can no longer serve as a smoking-room, so beloved by guests (and owners);
  • The implementation of such a large-scale redevelopment will require a colossal amount of manpower and resources.

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Combination works

The living room combined with the kitchen looks great.

It should be said right away that if you do not have experience in repair and construction, then you most likely will not be able to combine the kitchen with the living room with your own hands.

To do this, you will have to dismantle the wall, move doorways, electrical wiring, perhaps even plumbing and plumbing.

This job is for professionals, and it will not be cheap. You may also need the work of a designer, civil engineer or architect.

In addition, you will need permission to carry out such work, especially to dismantle the walls. The price of such permission in our bureaucratic democracy is also quite high.

The floor zoning is duplicated by the design of the false ceiling, which creates an additional enhanced effect.

But if you nevertheless decide to work on your own, watch a video on our website that will help you understand many issues.

You will also need instructions and a detailed action plan, which our authors are also working on.

Important! Under no circumstances should the bearing walls be demolished or partially dismantled, this can lead to serious destruction of the entire building, and not just your apartment. On these walls, among other things, there are concrete floor slabs between floors.


Redevelopment of apartments is becoming an increasingly popular type of repair in our country. Combining a kitchen with a living room is a decision dictated by an inconvenient location or too miniature kitchen sizes in Soviet-style apartments.

Also, quite often, such a combination is a fashionable design move.

In any case, this is a common building technique, and many owners of apartments with combined kitchens speak positively and even enthusiastically about them.

Living room-kitchen design in a private house - see here.

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