Wooden kitchen design (47 photos) - the warmth and comfort of the interior

  • Dec 20, 2020
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  • 1 Wood and style
    • 1.1 Country
    • 1.2 Provence
    • 1.3 Eco - style
  • 2 Conclusion

Wood in interior decoration is popular in today's fashion, as before. Designers actively use it to create interiors for residential and public buildings.

When creating an original kitchen interior, you can give free rein to your own imagination. After all, it is in this room that you spend most of your free time.

Kitchen - dining room with partial wood trim.

Wood and style

An experienced interior designer will help you dress your kitchen interior in wood in different fashion trends, make it bright, flashy, defiant or, conversely, delicate, graceful, pacifying.

Experts recommend, when creating a kitchen design made of wood, to give preference to less catchy directions:

  1. romantic country;
  2. clear and strict minimalism;
  3. provence, soft enough, and moderately contrasting;
  4. eco-style, the lightest and most comfortable.


Country style kitchen.

Consider what principles of kitchen interior design should be followed when doing it in country style.

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These qualities are:

  1. convenience and comfort;
  2. simplicity and grace of forms;
  3. naturalness and naturalness.

For this direction, wooden cabinet kitchen furniture with a silky-matte surface, on which the structure of natural wood is clearly visible, is suitable.

Country music is characterized by the use of furniture made from cherry, oak and beech, as well as from light pine.

Furniture made of light pine will give the kitchen a cheerful mood, especially when painted in white, green or blue colors with special paints that emphasize the structure of the wood. You can make such a coloring yourself by choosing the necessary shades.

Council. If you want to preserve the visible structure of the tree after painting it with special paints, then you must remember that each paint has its own characteristics, sometimes a special preliminary impregnation of wood is required to obtain an effective result.
The instructions included with each paint package will help you organize this process correctly.
Only strict adherence to the painting technology will lead to a positive result.


Provence style kitchen with wood floors and beamed ceilings.

Provence style kitchen with wood floors and beamed ceilings.

The main feature that distinguishes the Provence style is its color. The Provence style kitchen is always designed in warm pastel colors. The preference in color is given to shades of yellow and red, but as an option, finishing in soft green or blue tones is also allowed.

Real Provence in the style of decoration is:

  1. stone floor;
  2. rough plastered or wooden walls;
  3. a bleached ceiling with solid wood beams.

But this option is more suitable when we are creating a kitchen design in a village, and not in a city apartment. It is difficult to embody all the subtleties of the ideal Provence in the modern city conditions.

But the main thing is to try to preserve the main spirit of Provence in the interpretation of the style, emphasizing the use of characteristic details.

We cover the floor with wooden planks, you can use modern coverings for wood of different species. Linoleum or laminate flooring in this kitchen design not recommended.

The walls can be finished with natural clapboard or decorative plaster. Ceramic tiles are also suitable.

We paint the ceiling white and mount the ceiling beams on it.

Council. Not only real wood can be used as ceiling beams.
Decorative beams made of polyurethane wood will look great on the ceiling.
They are lightweight and easy to install.
In addition, the price of such beams is significantly lower than wooden beams.

Fresh flowers in wooden tubs are perfect for decorating a Provence style kitchen.

Fresh flowers in wooden tubs are perfect for decorating a Provence style kitchen.

You can equip kitchens in an elegant and sophisticated Provence style using:

  • colors - white, blue, beige, light purple, lilac, green;
  • white furniture made of wood, specially aged by modern methods;
  • an abundance of fresh flowers on wooden shelves in clay pots, on the floor in wooden tubs;
  • wooden planks, handicrafts, wickerwork, ceramic and forged parts;

Eco - style

The photo shows an example of an eco-style kitchen interior.

In creating interiors in this style, we will give the most important role to such qualities as:

  1. naturalness;
  2. harmlessness;
  3. practicality;
  4. simplicity.

Only natural, environmentally friendly materials are used as finishing materials in such a kitchen:

  1. wood;
  2. a rock;
  3. bung;
  4. clay;
  5. rattan.

As you can see, wood is a priority in such interiors. Floor coverings made of oak parquet or modern parquet boards made of natural Canadian maple or American cherry will look especially noble.

These floors, finished with matt lacquer, wax or oil, emphasize the natural wood. The color scheme should also be close to nature and consist of shades of green foliage, warm sea, natural stone, blue sky and sunlight.

Furniture for eco - style is selected simple and quite functional. Fancy details and elements should not be present here.

A simple wooden table and chairs will do just fine, and kitchen racks made of natural wood, even handmade.

Eco-style wooden kitchen set.


Having considered all three design options, we come to the conclusion that, when embodying a wood-like kitchen design in the interior, it is necessary to follow these recommendations:

  1. Combine wood in the interior of the room with natural finishing materials;
  2. Cover the wood only with special paints and varnishes that emphasize the pattern of the wood structure.

Remember that natural wood, whether it be furniture or decorative elements, radiates warmth that can turn your kitchen into a cozy and comfortable center of a family hearth. In the video presented in this article, you will find additional information on this topic.


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