Ikea kitchen design (54 photos): DIY video instruction, price, photo

  • Dec 20, 2020
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  • 1 Choosing a design
    • 1.1 Stage 1
    • 1.2 Stage 2
    • 1.3 Stage 3
    • 1.4 Stage 4
  • 2 Kitchen lighting
  • 3 Interior Design Supplement
  • 4 Conclusion on the topic

Have you decided to renovate the kitchen and change the furniture here? Everything is clear, you are tired of everything and you want to change the environment, make it cozy and comfortable, and choose beautiful and functional kitchen furniture.

You are thinking about making a custom headset, thinking that this is the best option (after all, everyone is talking about it). But do not rush to order, we suggest that you turn your attention to the kitchen sets that you will find in the Ikea store.

Ikea kitchen design

Kitchen design from "Ikea"

Why Ikea? We do not want to talk about the store here, we want to tell you how this company takes care of its potential customers. As simple as possible, by going to the company's website, choose furniture that will decorate your kitchen, and at the same time with your own pick up the interior with your hands, which will include furniture, household appliances, and small accessories, and even lighting. Do not think that this is all complicated.

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Choosing a design

Kitchen design from Ikea is an original approach to solving problems associated with choosing a kitchen set. This is in the first place, everything else will be applied as selection of kitchen furniture. Therefore, the choice of a headset must be approached with a great deal of responsibility, having made several preparatory steps.

kitchen design from ikea

White kitchen from "Ikea"

Stage 1

First of all, it is necessary to determine the style direction, which will form the basis of the entire interior of the room. It is this that will tell you which cuisine is best to choose..

Let us remind you of a few basic styles:

  • Classicism;
  • High tech;
  • Modern;
  • Provence;
  • Modern techno style;
  • Country;
  • And so on.

You will find all this in Ikea, do not even hesitate. The choice is so huge that you will have to choose from a huge variety. This will be the main difficulty.

Stage 2

Measurement production

Correct measurements must be taken. What do you mean, "correct"?

Let's start with the walls.

  • First, you need to measure the distance from floor to ceiling.
  • Secondly, the width of all walls is measured. Consider where the windows and doors are located on the walls, it is necessary to measure the distance to them.

When making wall measurements, you need to accurately determine the location of such elements as a heating radiator, ventilation grilles and ducts, columns and other types of protrusions.

  • Thirdly, the dimensions of windows and doors are measured, as well as the distance from the floor to the window sill, from the ceiling to the upper edge of the door and window.
  • Fourth, sockets and switches are installed in any room. So it is necessary to take measurements, determining their location. This is a very important point that will subsequently affect the functionality and convenience of the kitchen set.
  • Fifth, it is necessary to determine the location of the gas pipe and water supply, if any, in the kitchen.

Stage 3

Complete kitchen layout

But now you need to plan everything. That is, to place cabinets, wall cabinets, equipment, and more in their places. To do this on paper means that something is not taken into account somewhere. Therefore, the company "Ikea" on its website offers to use a special program, it is called the "scheduler".

It is very comfortable. There is no need to go somewhere, to consult with someone. Everything happens online. Your kitchen will be organized in 3D.

Stage 4

Selection of household appliances and personalization of the premises. With the equipment, everything is simple, because the Ikea company has been working in close contact with Whirlpool for a long time, therefore, choosing this particular brand, you will be pleasantly surprised how harmoniously it fits not only into the kitchen set, but also into the design of the room in the whole.

And the final touch is the selection of accessories. It may seem to many that little things that are practically not used are not important enough to emphasize them. But this is a misconception.

Equipment set

Imagine if curtains or blinds in the kitchen will not blend in with her interior. It's not just ugly, it will look ridiculous. And there are a lot of such accessories in this room - towels, fittings, roof rails, tacks, small paintings and so on. And all of this must be precisely incorporated into the design.

It may seem to you that doing this kind of work requires some special knowledge. Try not to think about it, rely on your inner flair and tastes, which you give your preference to. And rest assured, you will succeed.

Kitchen lighting

Lighting will have to highlight a separate section, because it is here that many ordinary people make mistakes, believing that in such a small room one bright lamp will be enough.

Correct lighting

Remember one small nuance - the kitchen is divided into two main areas: the work and the dining room. So each zone should be fully illuminated.

For the work area, it is best to install spotlights in places such as the hood and bottom wall of wall cabinets. In the dining area (if the kitchen is small), one overhead lamp will be sufficient. Alternatively, you can install wall sconces. See the photo above.

Interior Design Supplement

The functionality of the kitchen space increasingly depends not only on how many cabinets and cabinets are present in the kitchen set. A modern approach to the implementation of design ideas requires taking into account open spaces.

This mainly applies to wall surfaces. Most of them are free, so it becomes necessary to use them as well.

For this, the Ikea company offers various small but very functional accessories. For example, rails for dishes, glasses, cups and wine glasses.

Hanging kits for kitchen utensils, knives, and other large kitchen utensils that are used in the cooking process can be added here. It is very convenient, there is no need to open doors, pull out shelves and so on.

Roof rails and attachments

Ikea currently offers a huge range of kitchen accessories, and in this variety you can safely choose those that are suitable specifically for your kitchen with its style direction in design.

Surprisingly, the price of the sets and kitchen rails varies in a wide range, so you can pick up even at the price here without any problems.

Conclusion on the topic

The complexity of creating a kitchen interior design mainly depends on the fact that it requires knowledge and experience. But, as you can see, the companies manufacturing kitchens began to offer all of us to participate in the creation of interiors. This is an amazingly interesting and exciting process that makes it possible to feel like a creator and artist. If you want to try, then here's an instruction in the form of a video, which is posted on the site.

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