Kitchen design 13 sq m (44 photos): how to create with your own hands, instructions, photos, price and video tutorials

  • Dec 20, 2020
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  • 1 Large kitchen design project
    • 1.1 Placement of household appliances and life support systems
    • 1.2 Arrangement of furniture
    • 1.3 Choice of colors for the kitchen and dining room
  • 2 Conclusion

The kitchen is one of the most visited rooms. A person spends a lot of time on it and at the same time not only rests, but also prepares food. That is why the design of this room should be not only comfortable and cozy, but also functional.

kitchen design 13 sq m

Large kitchen design 13 meters

It should be noted that standard rooms of this type are quite small, and it is necessary to arrange furniture and equipment in them with maximum space saving. However, in most cases, people tend to expand this space, which gives rise to various combined options. Therefore, such a concept as a 13 sq m kitchen design project is very popular among builders.

kitchen design 13 meters

Layout of a large kitchen with a dispenser window and a small dining table

Large kitchen design project

It is generally accepted that 13 sq. m. are optimal for this type of room. At the same time, questions often arise about the correct placement of furniture and household appliances in a given space, so that the room did not look empty or had excess in the various cabinets that would create an effect clutter.

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Therefore, it is necessary to create a special project on which the arrangement of furniture, household appliances, life support systems and furniture will be marked.

kitchen design project 13 sq m

A variant of the project of placing furniture and household appliances in the kitchen, indicating the size

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Placement of household appliances and life support systems

  • First of all, on the kitchen plan, it is necessary to apply the proposed placement of such devices as the refrigerator, oven, hob, hood and dishwasher.
  • Usually, on all kinds of videos, masters recommend using those areas to which communications have already been connected, so as not to do unnecessary work. However, if necessary, this can be done at your own discretion, which will naturally lead to the installation of new wiring, gas and water supply.
  • It should be borne in mind that the hob should be located under the hood, and the dishwasher is best placed at a short distance from the sink. This will allow you to properly organize ventilation and water supply.
  • One of the most important criteria for placing household devices is convenience. Therefore, you should not sacrifice it in favor of appearance.
  • You also need to correctly distribute the installation locations of electrical outlets, which should be like near the working area, to connect the necessary equipment, and near the place of eating, to connect lamps or other devices.

Advice! It is best to use built-in appliances, as they are not only comfortable, but also provide the ability to cover unwanted items.

A plan for arranging furniture in the kitchen with a preliminary selection of colors, presented in three projections and a top view

Arrangement of furniture

In most kitchen photos, you can see that the space is visually divided into a work area and a place for eating. This design solution is very successful and is very popular.

It turns the kitchen into a cozy and comfortable dining room where you can still cook.

  • It is best to use furniture made in different styles to visually divide the space..
  • Some designers prefer, on the contrary, to maintain a certain style, which is quite difficult to do without turning the room into an ordinary public dining room. Therefore, when developing a project with your own hands, you should think in advance about ways of arranging furniture and visual separation.
  • Even in a large kitchen, you need to remember to save space.. Therefore, it is better to choose a folding dining table, and the cabinets should be spacious and functional.

Advice! When creating your own project, you can use special programs that will help you visually represent the appearance of a room with furniture and appliances arranged.

Detailed kitchen design project with exact dimensions and arrangement of furniture and appliances

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Choice of colors for the kitchen and dining room

In this matter, you can completely rely on the personal preferences of users. The fact is that the instructions for the design of small kitchens do not recommend using dark or too bright colors, but in a large room you can safely give free rein to your imagination and show your personal creation.

However, it is worth remembering that the chosen color scheme should not irritate the eyes and cause fatigue.

  • Light shades are well suited for the working area, but at the same time they should not be easily soiled and too bright.
  • For the dining area, darker tones can be used to allow relaxation and make the dining room cozy and comfortable.

Advice! Colors for the kitchen should ideally match the color of furniture and appliances. That is why you need to think about it before choosing interior items.

Visualization of the project, performed in a special program


Kitchen design is one of the most important elements when carrying out finishing work in the house. It will help to properly organize work and rest in this room, and given that the price of some interior items are quite high, then thanks to it you can save money by choosing cheaper materials in combined with them.

At the same time, having developed a room project, you can plan in advance the type of furniture and kitchen equipment, which is sometimes very difficult without a visual aid.

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