Kitchens in a classic style (41 photos): video instructions for decorating with your own hands, what wallpapers, modular headsets to choose, features of a kitchen room combined with a living room, price, photo

  • Dec 20, 2020
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  • 1 Distinctive features of the interior
  • 2 Decoration Materials
  • 3 Furniture and lighting
    • 3.1 Set and dining area
    • 3.2 Lighting
  • 4 Accessories and parts
  • 5 Finally

The sophisticated elegance of classic décor has not gone out of style for years. Emphasizing the status and excellent taste of the owner, this interior is able to turn the kitchen into a luxurious mansion in the style of "Gone with the Wind". How to recreate the magnificent atmosphere of classicism, which furniture to buy and which wallpaper to choose for the kitchen in the classic style, read this article.

Classic style kitchen sets are one of the most spectacular and expensive

Distinctive features of the interior

A classic-style kitchen will never cease to be relevant, therefore, both furniture and accessories for it will always remain fashionable and in demand. In order to properly decorate your kitchen, you need to figure out what features are characteristic of this decor. The instructions given will help you with this.

  • Required room area
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    . The classic style of the kitchen is appropriate only in spacious rooms, it is also great for kitchens combined with a living room or dining room. In a small room, he will look ridiculous and inappropriate.

Such a kitchen can only be equipped on a large area.

  • Expensive materials. In the process of decorating, it is better to give preference to high-quality elite materials - natural stone, exquisite metals or the best textiles. If the repair budget is limited, opt for a high-quality imitation of the specified materials.

Even at the design stage, it should be borne in mind that arranging a classic interior will hit the budget well

  • Color palette. Neoclassical kitchens are made in neutral colors. The range of colors is characterized by variation, and the range is quite wide: the lower border is very dark colors, the upper one is represented by light, almost white shades. Most often, white, beige, brown, burgundy, sand, blue, dark green, cognac or olive shades are used in the decoration process.

The color palette of the kitchen can be varied: from white, beige and brown to burgundy, sand and blue

  • Severity and symmetry. The classic kitchen is characterized by complete symmetry and straight lines. You will not find flashy shades, low-quality materials, abstract drawings or careless design on it.

A classic interior must obey symmetry

If we embody the traditions of the classical style, but in its modern interpretation, then we will get a direction called neoclassicism. The neoclassical kitchen is a noble sophistication, diluted with more vibrant details and colors inherent in modernity.

Neoclassicism involves less strict adherence to the rules for the selection of materials

A distinctive feature for a neoclassical kitchen is frame facades, with the help of which combines classically decorated furniture and hoods, sinks, lighting fixtures and modern Technics. And only a kitchen in the style of a modern classic uses this technique.

Frame facades are one of the hallmarks of neoclassicism

Decoration Materials

Creating a classic kitchen starts with choosing and installing the right finishes. There are several suitable options that can decorate the room and add sophistication to it.

  • For ceiling. In most cases, the ceiling of the kitchen is made perfectly flat and snow-white. It is allowed to decorate the surface with stucco or relief ceiling tiles with imitation of stucco patterns. At the junction of the ceiling and walls, a wooden or plaster plinth is often installed.

Smooth white ceiling with decorative moldings - the best option for the interior

  • For floor. The most popular flooring materials are stone and wood. Since their price is not available to everyone, they can be replaced with laminate, high-quality panels, ceramic tiles or porcelain stoneware.

Natural materials must be used as flooring: ceramics, marble, porcelain stoneware

  • For walls. Expensive fabric wallpaper or wall panels are assumed. Since the classic-style fabric wallpaper for the kitchen can hardly be called a particularly practical solution, they can be replaced with washable models with a vegetable or geometric pattern. Walls can also be decorated with decorative plain plaster.

Instead of wallpaper, you can use plain plaster

Decorative moldings, panels, borders and "boiserie" will be appropriate as an additional decoration. These elements will make the interior truly aristocratic.

Furniture and lighting

An ordinary kitchen or a kitchen combined with a classic-style living room is the very grace and concentration of good taste. In this section, you will learn by what criteria to choose furniture and lighting for it.

Without the right furniture, a holistic design cannot be created

Set and dining area

The main requirement for furniture is that it must be wooden; in extreme cases, the use of veneer elements is allowed. True, now a kitchen in the style of a modern classic is sometimes characterized by the presence of cheaper MDF and plastic panels on it, with an imitation of a wooden surface.

A dark headset looks very impressive over a large area

  • Headset. If the overall design is made in light colors or the room does not differ in a large area, then you can opt for a white, beige or light gray headset. Modular kitchens in classic style must necessarily include a sideboard or cabinet-case. Cabinet fronts can be decorated with gilded fittings.

For the classics, a light set is most often chosen.

  • Table top and apron. Materials for the countertop must also be chosen natural. It can be marble, basalt, granite, precious woods. The apron can be made both as a continuation of the table top, and as a contrast to it.
  • Table and chairs. Choose a spacious solid table made from dark woods. Match it with chairs with textile inserts on the backs and seats, or covers.

Kitchen in the style of a modern classic allows the use of headsets with facades made of MDF and plastic, imitating expensive materials

Household appliances that do not correspond to the concept are best hidden behind facades

Ideally, all household appliances should be hidden behind the headset facades. But you can also pick up special antique stylized appliances.


A central metal chandelier with forged elements or a crystal candelabrum will fit most organically into the classic interior. If these options do not suit you, consider purchasing country or Tiffany pendant chandeliers.

The photo shows a vivid example of what kind of chandelier can be used for neoclassicism

Symmetry must be maintained even in lighting

Do not forget about additional lighting, which can be floor or table lamps with lampshades, combined in design with the main chandelier. When installing them, keep in mind the symmetry with respect to the configuration of the room. It is better to refuse point lighting, replacing it with the main lamp and two or three auxiliary ones.

Accessories and parts

A conventional kitchen and a classic-style living room kitchen would be incomplete without appropriate decor items and small accessories. In this capacity, you can use:

  • Window framing. Curtains for a classic interior can be decorated with heavy curtains to match the tone of the upholstery, tied up brushes, etc. The type of cornice does not really matter - be it metal, wood or hidden ceiling. It is imperative that it be equipped with beautiful tips.

Window drapery should be as graceful as the rest of the interior

  • Vases with flowers. Place vases with natural or artificial flowers around the kitchen.
  • Small accessories. Candlesticks, porcelain plates, antique figurines or decorative dishes can be placed behind the glass fronts of the headset.
  • Paintings. Pictures in elegant gilded frames will look appropriate on the walls. Their subjects can be varied - from still lifes and landscapes to portraits.

Flowers (natural or artificial) enliven the decor

Copper teapots, graceful vases and candlesticks add a unique atmosphere to the kitchen


Classic cuisine will never lose its relevance. Therefore, if you put into practice all the recommendations received on the choice of finishes, headsets and decor, and also you will not skimp on the quality of materials, you will get a design that will delight you for a long time years.

Be sure to check out the video containing many more interesting ideas for arrangement.


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