Kitchen in a nautical style (42 photos) navy blue, interior features, do-it-yourself design: instructions, photo and video lessons, price

  • Dec 20, 2020
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  • 1 For lovers of refined simplicity and brevity
  • 2 Mediterranean style interior
  • 3 The ship's cabin is a combination of ethnic style and country style
  • 4 Materials used to decorate a kitchen in a marine style
    • 4.1 Ceiling decor
    • 4.2 Wall decor
    • 4.3 Floor design
  • 5 Conclusion

Bright and warm colors of the interior, made in a marine style, cheer up and create a unique cosiness. The color of yellow sand warmed by the sun, endless sea blue and white clouds are the main palette that is inherent in this style of interior. A nautical style kitchen involves the use of simple textured materials for decoration.

Therefore, almost everyone can afford to decorate a room in this fashionable style this year.
The style of interior decoration of a kitchen on a marine theme can be very diverse.

nautical kitchen

Bright and colorful kitchen design, made in rich blue colors

For lovers of refined simplicity and brevity


An interesting design solution for the ceiling is even more reminiscent of the sea coast

In this case, interior décor focuses on color and lighting. The strict lines of furniture and a minimum of decorative elements are offset by a bright and unexpected color scheme for the interior design.

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Marine style in the interior of the kitchen, kept in restrained and noble minimalism without unnecessary details and decors, can be extremely effective and bright.

What are the main elements of this design option?

nautical style kitchen interior

Style is emphasized only by color and accessories

  • A combination of dim but saturated colors. For example, deep piercing turquoise in furniture decor combined with a muted golden color of the walls and floor of the room;
  • It is preferable to use contrasting colors and natural materials in decoration. The floor can be made of laminate in the color of ivory sea sand or yellow ocher. Combined with walls decorated with light wood panels and deep shades of blue furniture, this decor will look extremely impressive;
  • Kitchen lighting should be bright and elegant.

Important. It is advisable to use warm light bulbs and avoid electric "daylight" lighting. Because an aquamarine kitchen combined with daylight lamps will remind you of a hospital room.

  • Looks very impressive halogen lighting around the perimeter in green and blue tones. In addition, such lighting makes the kitchen much larger;
nautical style kitchen design

Smooth lines and delicate colors in combination with spectacular ceiling lighting look elegant and stylish

  • Accessories for decorating a room in this style should be bright, but not clumsy. A beautiful large beautiful sea shell or a delicate landscape will become a bright accent in interior design.

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Mediterranean style interior

aqua kitchen

The abundance of light and sun in the decor of the kitchen interior

The interior of the kitchen in a nautical style, designed in the spirit of Italy, Greece and Spain, brings peace and tranquility, memories of the hot sun and warm gentle sea. Penetrated by the rays of the sun, light and graceful, this interior decor will make any, even a very small room, much more spacious and lighter.

marine style in the interior of the kitchen

White marble with exquisite carvings and an abundance of light - great decor for the kitchen

The main criteria in the design of a Mediterranean-style kitchen include the following mandatory details:

  • Large window openings decorated with light light transparent drapery;
  • You can also decorate windows with natural materials - bamboo, light wooden shutters;
  • The design of the kitchen in a nautical Mediterranean style involves the use of warm floral motifs combined with a rich and vibrant green;
  • The textile decor of the kitchen should contain natural fabrics - linen, cotton, matting;
  • Light wooden floors or their imitation with the help of laminate can be decorated with paths of seaweed or reed;

Warm colors in interior decor with an abundance of marine-themed accessories

  • The walls are decorated with uneven "ragged" plaster, which can be combined with deep green marble inserts or natural wood decor.

It is worth paying attention. Frescoes that imitate a terrace overlooking the sea bay look very impressive in this design style. Since the instruction manual for the frescoes allows them to be easily and often washed, this wall design is not only beautiful, but also functional. Such wall decor allows you to feel warm and cozy in the kitchen even in cold winter.

  • A marine kitchen in this style of design can be decorated with inserts of decorative tiles imitating sandstone stone, repeated on the walls and on the floor of the room;
  • Accessories reminiscent of the sea - shells, amphorae or a spectacular wall-mounted aquarium - add integrity to the style.

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The ship's cabin is a combination of ethnic style and country style

Kitchen - a ship, an abundance of natural wood finishes with bright catchy accents

Almost everyone can afford the design of a kitchen in this style, since basically all design is based on wooden simple details with a large number of accessories. The price of this design is quite affordable, because the stores have a large selection of building materials that imitate natural wood.

The main elements of interior design in the style of "Sea Wolf":

  • Interior details are made of dark wood, reminiscent of a ship's cabin;
  • A lot of small accessories reminiscent of the sea - nets, coarse wicker mats on the floor. All this can be done by hand.
  • Furniture interior items are the simplest, rounded. Chairs in the shape of barrels around a table stylized as a large wooden barrel look spectacular;
  • Bright accents of red and deep blue in textile decoration (curtains, chair pillows, tablecloths, napkins). A large catchy check or strip is also welcomed in the decor.

Mixing ethnic African style with elements of the decor of the ship's cabin

Materials used to decorate a kitchen in a marine style

Nice classic color combination of wall decor, floor and kitchen furnishings

Certain building materials, textiles and accessories are used for interior décor in the South Coast style. On the Internet you can find many photos and videos of interior decor materials made in a marine style, but all of them imply the use of certain building materials and types of decorative finishes for ceilings, walls and floors in the room.

Ceiling decor

The ceilings can be either pale white, reminiscent of clouds over the warm blue sea, or decorated with wooden beams and inlays, which reminds of a ship's cabin.

The marine style in the interior of the kitchen is stylishly and effectively emphasized by stretch ceilings in two levels of white and blue.

Wall decor

Wall colors match the color of the light wood flooring

The walls can be decorated with a wide variety of combinations of materials of completely different textures: marble - wood, wood - plaster, tiles - painting on plaster (fresco).
Wooden panels on the walls look stylish and original, reminiscent of ship siding.

Floor design

Sea-style kitchen floors are usually made from light shades imitating natural wood

The marine style in the interior of the kitchen is emphasized by floors that imitate light species of natural wood or marble-effect tiles.

The repetition of inserts from the same material (decorative tiles imitating sandstone stone, for example) on the floor and on the walls of the kitchen looks interesting.


In conclusion, we can say that the design of a kitchen in a nautical style can be done without the use of expensive finishing materials. The main thing is to show your imagination and desire to give the kitchen a unique and stylish look.

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