Small dining rooms: 3 space decorating ideas

  • Dec 21, 2020
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  • 1 In places to sit
  • 2 Small dining room design
  • 3 Furniture

Today, such a concept as a dining room in a house has become very conventional. Many cannot afford to have it in a separate room, because of the small square of apartments, the same who own luxurious areas, do not consider the appearance of such a room expedient and prefer to combine it with the premises of another functional.

But in vain! Even a very modest dining room can make your life much more comfortable.

In places to sit

When you start organizing your dining room, count how many people gather at the dining table each day. The number of chairs should correspond to the received figure. If this is the dining room of a young family of two, then a couple of free chairs should appear near the table in case friends or relatives visit.

Organization of seats

Organization of seats. Photo:

In principle, the constant presence of additional chairs is not necessary, but they should still be available for the case described above.

Dining room for a large family

Dining room for a large family. Photo:

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There will naturally be four chairs at the table of a family of four. But the maximum number of seats can appear only if the size of the dining area allows it.

Small dining room design

To make the room more spacious and add functionality to it, you need to do visual zoning. The dining area can be separated in any way you like:

  1. Make a contrasting wall opposite the table. On its surface, a paint that is darker in tone, brighter wallpaper or a picture on the entire surface may appear.
Wall decoration opposite the table

Wall decoration opposite the table. Photo:

  1. Use lighting. The dining area should always be in bright light, so a ceiling lamp above the table will not be superfluous.
  2. Hang by the table or place an accent rug on the floor.
Accent carpet

Accent carpet. Photo:


What furniture, besides a table and chairs, can appear in the design of a small dining room? Almost anything:

  • tea tables;
  • dressers;
  • mini sofa;
  • armchairs;
  • benches;
  • sideboard.
Furniture for a small dining room

Furniture for a small dining room. Photo:

The tea table in this case will be a multifunctional item. It can be used not only for its intended purpose, but also when it is required to free the surface of the main table for serving new dishes.

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