How to choose a gas stove? 4 factors to watch out for

  • Dec 21, 2020
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  • 1 Hob
  • 2 Oven
  • 3 Housing
  • 4 Safety

The first, perhaps, from which one should make a start when choosing a gas stove is:

  1. the place where you plan to install the gas stove;
  2. the volume of your room where your stove will be located and operated;
  3. dimensions of the proposed slab;
  4. number of gas burners;
  5. execution of a gas stove (mini block with burners and a separate oven, or a full-fledged stove);
  6. the color and design of the product - based on your preferences, the general style of the room and the design in which the interior of the kitchen is made.

These parameters derive from one another.

So, for example, you have decided on the dimensions and equipment (a solid stove with an oven or separate modules - a brewing unit and a separate oven, the number of burners and their parameters).

Let's take a closer look at the hob. You should pay attention to very important parameters:

- its size;

- number of burners;

Electric hob with five burners. A source:

- execution of burners by design (round, oval, triangular and square), sizes (small, medium, large) and torch power (burners with 2-3 rings of flame and various rings);

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- the presence of gas igniters on the burners and their design (electric or piezo). Electric ignition is more practical and less whimsical in terms of execution and operation, but requires additional connection to the mains. Piezo ignition does not require additional connection to the network, but it is more capricious in operation, afraid of bays. It requires regular and additional maintenance;

- a support grid on which the dishes are placed during cooking. The requirements for the wire rack are massive enough to provide maximum stability for various types of dishes. Very convenient 2-section grill;

- front control panel - on the control panel, as a rule, there are knobs for the hob flame controls, electric ignition buttons. Stove models are produced in which the ignition is tied directly to each regulator, therefore there is no ignition button on the front panel.

When choosing a gas stove oven, pay attention to the following parameters:

- external dimensions (if the oven is autonomous), dimensions of the internal oven chamber;

- the principle of heating the oven - gas or combined with electric heaters. During combined heating of the chamber, the number and location of electric heaters (side walls, top surface, back cover) is important;

- temperature parameters of the oven with gas and combined heating;

- the presence of rotary mechanisms for the grill;

- performance of protective glass on the front cover of the oven (single or double layer);

- temperature sensors (location, visual accessibility, correctness of readings);

- availability of accessories for the oven (grates, baking sheets, skewers).

Gas stove with combined oven. A source:

The body of the gas stoves is made of steel coated with heat-resistant enamels, which provides the stoves with a long service life and unpretentious maintenance.

Plates with stainless steel bodies are available. This is reflected in the price indicator, but at the same time there is an undoubted gain in design solutions and the subsequent duration of operation.

The original design of the gas stove. Source:

Given the fact that the gas stove itself is a source of increased danger, modern industry has already begun to equip some models stoves with gas analyzers, and valves that cut off the gas supply to the burner, as a result of flooding, as well as a decrease in pressure and flow in the system gas supply.

Having carefully read the proposed recommendations, you can easily proceed to the selection and purchase of a gas stove.

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