Check Yourself: How to Collect Mercury from a Broken Thermometer Without Calling a Team

  • Dec 21, 2020
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Many people still have a mercury thermometer in their homes - it shows much more accurately and never lies.

Everything would be good, only the fear of breaking the thermometer haunts, you just have to pick it up. However, there is nothing terrible in this, it is only important to follow a few rules.

What to do if a thermometer breaks

The most important rule is not to panic. A broken thermometer is not a fatal outcome, and you won't have to move.

  1. Remove all strangers from the room and turn off everything that increases the air temperature. You can open the window, but it is important to ensure that in no case there is a draft.
  2. Change into clothes that you will not mind throwing away. Give preference to materials that do not absorb anything. Wear rubber gloves on your hands, a cloth bandage on your face, and shoe covers on your feet.
  3. Prepare a container of chlorine bleach solution. Take a wet brush, a syringe with a thin needle, thick cardboard, adhesive plaster, a container with water or solution. Pull medium and small balls into a syringe, roll up large ones with a brush on a cardboard and pour into a jar. Remove the smallest ones with a plaster, carefully sticking them to the surface. Collection of drops - from the periphery to the center of the room.
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What to do if a thermometer breaks

What to do if the thermometer breaks. Photo:

  1. Take a flashlight - mercury reflects well. Find the remaining balls with it and remove them. It is best to roll them out of the slots with a metal needle. Tear off the skirting board and also pack in a tight bag for disposal later.
  2. All things that have come into contact with metal, collect in a bag and tie tightly. Close the jar with the collected mercury and the remains of the thermometer.
  3. Wipe off all surfaces in contact with mercury with a solution and let stand for 15 minutes, then rinse with clean water. For a more complete demercurization, afterwards, you can treat them with a solution of potassium permanganate (if any).
  4. Wash thoroughly, rinse the mouth several times with a soda solution and take a few tablets of activated carbon for disinfection. The room where the thermometer was broken should be closed from visits for a week, leaving one window open. Regularly disinfect the floor in it with "Whiteness" solution. And drink more fluids
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