Kitchen hoods - types (45 photos), principle of operation and maintenance

  • Dec 21, 2020
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  • 1 How the hood works
    • 1.1 Coarse air purification
    • 1.2 Fine cleaning
  • 2 How to maintain an air cleaner
  • 3 How to choose the right one
  • 4 Conclusion on the topic

It is no longer necessary to convince anyone that a kitchen hood is a necessary element. And it's not always about the ecology of everyday life, although this is a very important criterion for modern kitchens.

The point is most often that the invisible products of fuel combustion, evaporation of liquids become a problem that does not accumulate immediately, but gradually. They have a negative impact on all elements of the room: walls, floor and ceiling.

kitchen hood types

Cooker hood

From this, the surfaces begin to fade, become covered with fatty and carbon monoxide deposits, that is, they gradually reduce their service life.

Consequence - repair is needed. This means that the hood saves your finances. But for it to work effectively, it is necessary to correctly approach its choice.

How the hood works

Let's immediately pay attention to how ordinary people share this device. They believe that a cooker hood, a stove filter and an air purifier are different things.

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Whatever you call it all, they have the same essence, that is, filter the incoming air from the stove and make it as clean as possible. By the way, the types of kitchen hoods themselves are present on the market in a large assortment today.

More recently, it was believed that the ventilation in the apartment would be sufficient to ensure drainage polluted air from the kitchen, because it is in this room that one of the outlets of the ventilation systems.

But practice has shown the opposite. The efficiency of such a drain is only 50-60%. The rest remains inside the kitchen, which means inside the apartment.

This problem can only be solved by a device that will be installed above the stove and will catch polluted air. Modern kitchen hoods are equipped with fans, some models have one, some have two.

And filters must be installed that carry a certain load, therefore they are divided into:

  • Rough;
  • Thin.
types of hoods for the kitchen

Original kitchen hood

Coarse air purification

Its main purpose is to protect the device itself from fatty deposits. The point is that fat and oils are viscous substances.

They create plaque on any surface, which is difficult to remove if it is not done in time.

Therefore, without these filters:

  1. The air purifier will not last long.
  2. It will require constant and serious service and effort on your part.

Fine cleaning

But these filters remove the smell. For this, so-called carbon filters are used, in which activated carbon is filled.

Many ordinary people, installing a hood with their own hands, believe that the more fine filters, the better. This is a misconception because an oversized filter will affect the performance of the entire device.

And the less air passes through the dense layers of coal, the less effective cleaning will be.

And as it gets dirty, this indicator will only get worse. In addition, this is a load on the fans.

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How to maintain an air cleaner

To do this, you will have to periodically clean its filters.

  • Fatty made of metal are washed by hand with any household detergents. Some people manage to put them in the dishwasher.
  • Synthetic filters are simply changed to new ones.
  • Coal are not serviced at all. The deadline comes, and they are changed, usually every six months. The attached instructions accurately determine the timing of replacement for all types of filters.

But the timing largely depends on the operating conditions. Sometimes the charcoal filters are changed every two years, which is quite a big saving, because the price of this element, although affordable, requires money. In addition, a pollution indicator will be a plus for the model.

types of hoods for the kitchen

Exhaust filter

How to choose the right one

There are a number of budget models that lack filters. But the bulk of air purifiers are devices with air filtration.

It is not always possible to organize the exhaust of the purified air masses outside the premises (this is due to the gouging of a hole in the concrete wall). Therefore, manufacturers offer models with air recovery.

But it is these hoods that are equipped with two types of filters at once: both fat and carbon filters. This mode of operation can be useful during the cold season. Just warm air does not leave the kitchen (photo below).

Attention! For the most part, modern hoods are equipped with two modes at once, but at the factory, each model is configured specifically for the mode of air discharge to the street.

Therefore, when buying a device, you should consult a specialist on how to turn on the second mode.

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Scheme of work

What should you look for when buying a device?

  1. Performance. It all depends on the volume of the kitchen space. If you decide to install the air cleaner at a height exceeding 90 centimeters from the stove (high ceilings), then it is better to choose a more powerful unit. But a powerful device works with a lot of noise and consumes a lot of electricity.
  2. Number of fans. One or two. The extractor hood with two fans is quieter. Because it all depends on the number of revolutions that the fan rotor makes. Two fans require fewer revolutions than one.
  3. Lighting. Each device is equipped with a light source. The best option is a 20-watt halogen bulb.
  4. Additional functions: interval switch-on and run-on of the fan. The first is the periodic automatic switching on of the device at minimum power, due to which the air in the kitchen is constantly purified, regardless of whether something is being prepared on the stove or not. The second - after turning off the device, the fan works for several minutes.
  5. You can choose an expensive model that has software. It is practically a robot that itself controls the air purification process and itself sets the required mode, depending on the density of the pollutants in the air.

Air purifier with software

Conclusion on the topic

The maintenance and operation of the air purifier is not so difficult. But in order to choose the right device only for your kitchen, you need to take everything into account.
And since the types of hoods for the kitchen are a large assortment, it is better to consult a specialist.
And for you, a video in which you can be convinced of the large number of models of this device.
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