How to get rid of flies in the kitchen with your own hands: video instruction on methods of dealing with small, small, fruit flies, photo and price

  • Dec 22, 2020
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  • 1 Harmless insects
    • 1.1 Caution flies
    • 1.2 Means of "air defense"
    • 1.3 We put fruit flies on a starvation ration
    • 1.4 Technical means of fighting midges
  • 2 Conclusion

“Oh, summer is red! I would love you, if not for the heat, but dust, and mosquitoes, and flies... ”- these are the lines of the great Russian poet, in which there is a mention of annoying insects that prevent us from living so much.

In other words, the question of how to get rid of flies in the kitchen (this is where they like to settle) has been worrying people for a long time. And, judging by the fact that the unwanted neighborhood has not been eradicated to this day, no panacea has yet been created against them.

Small flies in the kitchen are not a safe neighborhood

Small flies in the kitchen are not a safe neighborhood

Harmless insects

Caution flies

At their core, fruit flies, as these small flies are called, are quite harmless (see also the article on midges in the kitchen). Moreover, genetic scientists, thanks to this insect, have made a lot of discoveries. But from the point of view of everyday life, she remained a "annoying fly", the presence of which is not only undesirable in the kitchen, but also dangerous.

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Did you know!! That one fly can carry up to one million microbes. Moreover, the diseases that these representatives of insects can spread are very insidious and dangerous: salmonellosis, cholera, typhoid fever. And a whole host of other viral infections.

By its nature, the midge habitat is not limited to the perimeter of our kitchen, so it is one of the most harmful distributors of various intestinal diseases.

Sour food is Drosophila's favorite medium

Sour food is Drosophila's favorite medium

Means of "air defense"

Today, in addition to primitive traps that are easy to make with your own hands, there are a lot of ingenious inventions, gadgets for fighting flying insects. So modern technologies have also touched on such a question - how to get rid of small flies in the kitchen (also learn about how to get rid of midges in the kitchen).

But let's not get ahead of ourselves and tell you everything in order.

  • Simple traps are easy and simple to make from scrap material. There are a great many variations on how to deal with flies in the kitchen, but the principle of operation is the same - to lure the insect and not release it. For this, a small container is taken, for example, a mug, a disposable cup or a plastic container, as in the photo.
How to get rid of small flies in the kitchen - simple ideas

How to get rid of small flies in the kitchen - simple ideas

  • Something from the delights for Drosophila, fermented juice, rotten fruit, soggy potatoes are put inside. From above, we stretch a plastic wrap, the edges of which we fix with adhesive tape or an elastic band. Further, in the improvised lid, we make small holes, with such a diameter that the small front sight can crawl into the container and not get out.
  • Another option is how to remove flies in the kitchen. We take a small container and pour an aqueous solution of vinegar on the bottom, it is better to take an apple cider, its smell is most attractive to insects. From paper, fold the bag and cut off the top of the cone. Experts advise using yellow as it is very popular with fruit flies. We insert the package into a jar of induced liquid and put it somewhere in a secluded place, next to the fruit. The smell of vinegar will attract insects and they will easily get trapped.
How to get rid of flies in the kitchen is beautiful. Decorative insect protection

How to get rid of flies in the kitchen is beautiful. Decorative insect protection

We put fruit flies on a starvation ration

  • If small flies have managed to settle in the kitchen, then it is necessary to revise your food supplies. First, we check vegetables, onions, potatoes. They need to be sorted out, for the presence of spoiled and rotten tubers.
  • We empty the trash can, it is also a breeding ground for uninvited neighbors.
  • We check open bags with cereals, dried fruits, sweets. With a massive accumulation of midges, they can be neutralized by sprinkling a solution of water and dishwashing liquid from a spray bottle. Quite an effective remedy.
  • Another very important rule is to make any food inaccessible to them. Under no circumstances should food be left open. To protect edibles from insects, special nets, plastic bags, plastic containers are used.
  • A few more ideas on how to defeat the invasion of insects are offered by video instruction

However, these insects can start not only near food. Houseplants can also become their favorite place. The main factor for attracting midges to them is high humidity due to abundant watering.

How to get rid of fruit flies in the kitchen in this case? Very simple. For a while, you need to reduce watering, and sprinkle the ground around the plant with black pepper (learn how to get rid of moth in the kitchen).

Flora and fauna in our kitchen

Flora and fauna in our kitchen

Technical means of fighting midges

Today, there are a variety of technical gadgets on sale with which you can get rid of annoying guests. Their price depends on the originality of the idea and the efficiency of operation.

This is an electric fly swatter. Its action is based on the effect of electric current on flies.

Various kinds of aerosols with certain chemically active ingredients. Be careful, these preparations should not contain fluorine, chlorine and phosphorus.

The latest achievement of science is fumigators, the working element of which is replaceable plates.

Fumigators - guarding our comfort

Fumigators - guarding our comfort


And finally, I would like to say that using all of the above methods, remember that protecting yourself from small flies, the main thing is not to harm your health and the health of your loved ones.

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