How to get rid of ants in the kitchen with your own hands: video instructions for dealing with small, small insects, photo and price

  • Dec 22, 2020
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  • 1 Chemicals for ants
    • 1.1 GET (GET)
    • 1.2 DEET
    • 1.3 Boric acid or borax
    • 1.4 Chops
    • 1.5 Anti-ant
    • 1.6 Combat
    • 1.7 Absolute
    • 1.8 Chalk Mashenka
    • 1.9 Globol
  • 2 Handy means of fighting ants
    • 2.1 Acetic water spray
    • 2.2 Corn flour
    • 2.3 Ant trail
    • 2.4 Other deterrents
    • 2.5 Mixes

The annoying little ants in the kitchen get everywhere and live in cracks in the ceiling and walls, under parquet and baseboards, even behind the tile, destroying it. We shake them out of books and a stack of clean linen, we get them out of cereals and cooked food.

These ants are omnivorous, and eat not only food, but also the remains of dead insects, as well as damage tissues, insulation in electrical appliances.

Like flies and cockroaches, ants bring gastrointestinal infections into the apartment.

Like flies and cockroaches, ants bring gastrointestinal infections into the apartment.

The fight against them will be successful if we take into account the peculiarities of the life of ant colonies. For example, all the small ants in the kitchen serve the nest of extremely fertile females who never leave the nest: they are fed by worker ants.

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As a rule, the nest is in the wall, in the floor. But even if we find an ant entrance, this corridor to the nest is very long and we will have to tear off a lot of tiles to get to the center. But since the ants feed their colony, we can poison the females and all the larvae through them.

Chemicals for ants

When choosing a means of fighting ants, instructions will help us indicating how this drug should be used.


  • GET capsules are a chlorpyrifos preparation that is safe for people, their pets, houseplants and is used as a bait for ants.
  • The microcapsules are mixed with the yolk of a hard-boiled egg and scattered along the ant paths.
  • Ants, having eaten the bait, die already in the nest and infect the entire colony.
  • We can also buy the GET tool in online stores.


  • DEET is made on the basis of diethyltoluamide, developed back in 1945 by the Americans against blood-sucking parasites. But kitchen ants also quickly disappear from this remedy.
  • Apply this white, sweet-smelling paste twice a day to the ant paths. The product will scare off ants and drive them out of our apartment.
  • By the way, Taiga and Angara preparations are made from the same component and easily rid us of uninvited visitors. And the price of these funds is quite affordable.
  • You can also treat ant trails in the kitchen with any dimethyl phthalate (DMF) product.

Boric acid or borax

The tested agent is boric acid and borax (its derivative).

The tested agent is boric acid and borax (its derivative).

These remedies slowly kill not only insects that have tried them, but also contact ants, and if you are lucky, then the female (Learn about how to get rid of moths in the kitchenHowever, the drug must be used carefully so as not to harm yourself and your pets.

How to get rid of ants in the kitchen with baits with boric acid, brown?

  • Dry bait: scatter a mixture of granulated sugar and borax in places where they accumulate.
  • Liquid bait: 5 gr. boric acid + 50 gr. sugar + the same amount of water. However, you can add jam or honey instead of sugar. We place the mixture in saucers along the ant paths.
  • We will make an even more complex liquid bait with our own hands: 2 tablespoons of water + 4 teaspoons of glycerin + 1 teaspoon of boric acid + honey (sugar), we heat it to dissolve these components. The mixture will not deteriorate even after 3-4 months.

Advice! It is not worth strengthening the bait by increasing the amount of boric acid: let the poison act on the worker ants after they feed the inhabitants of the nest with it.


Gel Cuts in tubes of 30 grams.

Gel Cuts in tubes of 30 grams.

The drug will effectively solve the problem of how to deal with ants in the kitchen. By the way, he will destroy cockroaches too.

  • With 1 tube we will process 40 sq. m around the perimeter 30 cm drop from the drop.
  • Having eaten the bait, insects die already in the nest along with others after 20 minutes.


The ants will disappear from this remedy after 2 days.

The ants will disappear from this remedy after 2 days.

  • Anti-ant granules in blister packs contain 10% borax.
  • We will spread these opened bags in the kitchen in places inaccessible to children and animals: 1 bag for 1.5 sq. m.
  • The main thing is not to get them wet when cleaning.
  • After a few days, the ants will disappear for a long time.


  • Floor and adhesive baits and Kombat aerosol based on imiprotrin have a delayed action.
  • An ant with particles of bait in the nest infects other insects. Therefore, the larvae also die, and sometimes even the female, and the question of how to get rid of red ants in the kitchen is finally resolved.
  • In addition, imiprotrin destroys cockroaches, flies, bedbugs and moth in the kitchen.
  • Aerosols have pleasant fruity smells and do not smell like dichlorvos. And yet they are very harmful, so it is necessary to process the kitchen with them with open windows.


Lures, powders, gels Absolute contain 0.5% chlorpyrifos.

Lures, powders, gels Absolute contain 0.5% chlorpyrifos.

  • We put baits on ant paths: 1 to 3 sq. m.
  • We fix such a bait on the wall with tape or plaster.
  • Apply the gel in drops or lines, and the tube will last for 40 m2. After 8 hours, many ants die.
  • The maximum effect is observed on the second day.
  • Complete elimination of ants occurs in the third week. And after 6 weeks, for prevention, we will carry out another such treatment.

Chalk Mashenka

  • The composition of the chalk Mashenka contains 0.25% fenvalerate - an effective remedy for ants, fleas, cockroaches.
  • As shown in the video, it is enough to draw a line with this chalk along the path of the ants. 1 chalk is designed for almost 30 m2.
  • After such drawing, you need to wash your hands with soap and water.


  • Globol lures and aerosols based on 0.1% D-phenotrin are an effective modern remedy.
  • 1 bait is designed for 15 m2 near ant passages and nests and is valid for a whole month.
  • Before installation, we simply remove the cap, easily crush the capsule, put the cap back on and put it in the right place.
  • We also take precautions to wash our hands. And we direct the spray of aerosol at the ants in the ventilated kitchen.

Advice! Let's remove all food leftovers in the kitchen: after all, the ants will choose this dish that is safe for themselves and will not touch our poisonous baits.

Handy means of fighting ants

In the photo: salt, chalk, lemon, pepper, orange peels, petroleum jelly, vinegar water, scotch tape, soda - improvised remedies for ants.

In the photo: salt, chalk, lemon, pepper, orange peels, petroleum jelly, vinegar water, scotch tape, soda - improvised remedies for ants.

Acetic water spray

  • A vinegar spray that is harmless to us drives out ants.
  • We will disperse it with any spray in the places favored by ants. And so that insects do not come again, we will wipe the air vents, the floor and the front door with vinegar. The ants will no longer return to the apartment.
  • Half-fill the found anthill with baking soda and pour vinegar into it - this is a guarantee of getting rid of ants.

Corn flour

  • Let's feed the ants with cornmeal, which they don't process and kills them.
  • In addition, cornmeal is absolutely harmless to residents and animals.
  • Wheat flour, like rice, sour, tears apart the ant's stomach.

Ant trail

Ant trails

Ant trails

  • Let's find ant paths and identify the anthill.
  • Now we attack him with boiling water or nicotine water - after all, even the most effective powders will not penetrate into the nest by winding tunnels.
  • If we widen the entrance, the effect will increase.

Other deterrents

  • We can close the entrance with chopped orange peels and the ants will leave our kitchen.
  • Putty and foam insulation will seal the cracks on the walls and near the pipes - the places where ants enter the house. Ordinary scotch tape will also help.
  • We will make salt barriers around the perimeter: the ants will not overcome them and will leave.
  • The calcium carbonate in regular chalk will keep the ants out of our kitchen. By the way, it is completely harmless to us.
  • Lemon juice will scare off ants with a strong citrus smell - these insects cannot tolerate it.
  • Sprinkle cayenne pepper along the cracks, crevices - it will scare off ants. But in pets, it causes a burning sensation.
  • Peppermint oil, black pepper, cinnamon, cloves, tobacco, bay leaves and even green tomato branches will drive ants out of our kitchen with a strong, pungent odor.
  • The medicated petroleum jelly around the edges of your pet dishes will keep ants away from other people's food.
Helps to get rid of ants by the simultaneous use of various products.

Helps to get rid of ants by the simultaneous use of various products.

Advice! To prevent children or pets from trying poison for ants, put it in a jar and screw the lid on, making a couple of small holes in it. Then lightly grease the outside with bait without poison.


  • Prepare a mixture of 1 teaspoon of alcohol, 2 tablespoons of any dish detergent and add water. Disperse the mixture with a spray - alcohol will leave the ants in the kitchen.
  • We spread the meat bait from 2 tablespoons of minced meat and 1 teaspoon of borax in the path of the ants.

Note! Poisons are weaker in warm weather.

Only regular treatment with various effective preparations will forever solve the question of how to get rid of kitchen ants (See also how to get rid of flies in the kitchen). And prevention will prevent them from coming to our kitchen.

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