Bugs in the kitchen: how to get rid of brown, flying, small insects in the kitchen cabinet with your own hands, pest repellent, instructions, photo and video tutorials

  • Dec 22, 2020
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  • 1 A word about the beetle regiment
    • 1.1 The beginning of the war
    • 1.2 Military strategy
  • 2 Guerrilla fighting
  • 3 Conclusion

The most modern kitchen interior, new furniture and unique designer utensils spoil the brown bugs in the kitchen, scurrying everywhere and crawling into cereals, gnawing furniture and crawling around the dining room table.

You obviously did not invite an uninvited pack to visit, and your mood from such a neighborhood is constantly darkened as soon as the time comes to look into the refectory to satisfy the mortal desires of the stomach. You can't leave it like that! We need to look for methods of getting rid.

bugs in the kitchen

It's time to change something!

We will help you get rid of annoying insects. This article is a real remedy for bugs in the kitchen, cleaner than any dust. Use the experience accumulated by humanity (however, insects have clearly more experience, they will be older).

A word about the beetle regiment

In modern, well-equipped kitchens, there are only two species of parasitic insects from the beetle family.

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brown beetles in the kitchen

General Zhukov

Whether it be wood bugs, which do not care at all about your meals, the furniture would be tastier. Or cereal bugs, hiding their hordes in cupboards with supplies. The first ones can still eat windowsills, if they are wooden, and with them the window frames produced by DrevSnabSbyt.

bugs in the kitchen cabinet

The enemy has dug in your territory

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The beginning of the war

This thousandth army is not subject to extermination with slippers or even a spontaneous chemical attack. You can, of course, catch one and give him the first number, and then let him go so that he would tell his relatives everything.

remedy for bugs in the kitchen

Ancient Melee Weapon

But truly, only the elimination of the root cause of the appearance of insects will help. Therefore, direct your initial efforts towards identifying it.


  1. If kitchen bugs appear in the house, then you need to look for local or large-scale pollution. For the first case with wood beetles, these can be wet gaps and joints of wooden furniture elements, and for the second - crumbs, helpfully not wiped off the table, fell on the floor, spilled in the cupboard when removing flour, and so on Further.
  2. Flying midges and small beetles often emerge directly from the cradle of gradually rotting carrot stocks, onions, fruits that have not been refrigerated and left to float freely on a windowsill or kitchen table. It is also very conducive to the growth of the population of small neighbors if the bin is not taken out on time. Especially - right under the sink, from where water drips into the storehouse.
  3. The lair of countless rati can (must) be found in all loose and dry products that lie somewhere in the bowels of your kitchen cabinet in case of a nuclear war. The bugs in the kitchen cabinet love cereals, nuts, dried fruits, even dog and cat food. You need to throw out all the bags with such contents, empty everything from the cans and boxes. Then you will acquire new supplies, it will not be so difficult.
  4. All cabinets need to be shaken, that is, to completely remove all contents, rinse thoroughly and ventilate. The same - with shelves at the bottom of the desktop, if any.
kitchen bugs

Modern weapons

Advice! If you do not want to part with cereals or nuts, you can go through all the packages. Of course, you won't be able to sort out the cereals, but nuts or dried fruits are fine. And cereals can be calcined on a baking sheet in the oven or sprinkled on a sheet and "frozen" in the freezer.

You need to handle cabinets and shelves with a vinegar solution, rather concentrated. Be sure to ventilate for several hours after treatment!

Military strategy

Since the beetles are different, it will not be easy to fight them with your own hands.

It is necessary to resort to the help of the modern chemical industry, which produces in abundance the necessary means to combat parasites.

  1. In the fight against cereal bugs, which themselves do not consume too much of your semolina and buckwheat, and they do not give you, we have already advised using the vinegar attack. While the locations of the enemy are exposed to a chemical attack, it is necessary to audit the tanks. In general, it is better to throw away all containers that are not glass. Wash the glass with a cleaning agent and dry it.

We will reliably protect our supplies!

  1. It is recommended that after drying the cabinets and placing containers for storing strategic food supplies in them, put the garlic on the shelves. Not in the heads, but divided into separate cloves, but unpeeled, otherwise the slices will quickly rot. If you intend to eradicate beetle settlements, get used to such a forced interior detail.
  1. With an active confrontation with grinders, catching each and deporting individually will also not work. Therefore, you need to resort to weapons of mass destruction, that is - to insecticides or fungicides. When spraying or applying to surfaces, isolate the war area from the rest of the rooms. It is advisable not only to close the door, but to seal the cracks in the opening with some material. You yourself need to put on a combined-arms protective kit with a gas mask, well, or at least a respirator. After the expiration of the time indicated by the instructions for the use of chemical "weapons", you need to thoroughly ventilate the kitchen without opening the doors to the rooms.
  1. With a massive and very intensive expansion of bugs, when even a chemical attack does not help, proceed with the most severe measures - before reprocessing, clean all seams, joints, and other places where enemy scouts penetrate furniture, windows and walls. The best military treatises recommend using brushes with a metal bristle for this purpose. After the brushes, we bring vacuum units to the kitchen to remove decay products from furniture. You can just use a vacuum cleaner.
  1. Additionally, we pour concentrated chemicals into all the cracks, after which we re-process everything surfaces by aerosol method or by banal wiping with a cloth intensively soaked in means.

Chemical treatment

Advice! Pick up chemical "weapons" depending on the attacking race. There is no such thing here - the higher the price, the better the product. Chemicals have to deal specifically with a certain type of bugs, and not “destroy all living things in the kitchen,” as many manufacturers write.

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Guerrilla fighting

The people also do not sleep, and actively participate in the war! Therefore, there are also many handicraft methods, and some of them even work.

Here are the most effective ones:

  • People's Commissars of the Militia believe that against bugs there is the only safe means that does not affect a person either directly or indirectly. This is water. And they destroy bugs not without exception, but immediately before cooking, washing cereals and other cereals with copious amounts of water several times. They moisten beetles, so to speak, in a saucepan. The enemy floats to the surface and is captured;
  • More radical guerrilla commanders pack food in hermetically sealed containers. lids, and then publish photos of their achievements on the network - this is what kind of dishes I have, not a single enemy beetle will get through. It won't fit into the groats, but into the furniture - please!
  • Keep your money in the Savings Bank and your food in the refrigerator! And then there will be no food bugs in your kitchen.

Radical method of struggle


People's decisions are not the best choice. Rather, it is a way of struggle for desperate people. Because such methods do not eliminate the root cause.

It is better to watch a video on the Internet, how to use modern chemicals, than to take food from beetles and hide it in secluded inaccessible places.

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