A little trick that will greatly facilitate the process of mixing concrete

  • Dec 26, 2020
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A little trick that will greatly facilitate the process of mixing concrete
A little trick that will greatly facilitate the process of mixing concrete

Mixing concrete is a complex and responsible process, especially when it comes to preparing large quantities of mortar. Nevertheless, it will definitely not be possible to get away from this procedure when performing a variety of construction work. So you have to come up with something that will greatly facilitate the mixing process. Fortunately, there is no need to reinvent the wheel. This is what experienced craftsmen recommend.

Not everyone has such a thing. / Photo: romb.ua.
Not everyone has such a thing. / Photo: romb.ua.

When performing construction or renovation work, it is often necessary to mix large amounts of concrete. This work is not easy, and therefore every master and owner is interested in the maximum acceleration and facilitation of this process. Of course, a concrete mixer will be the best assistant in this matter - it solves all issues. However, this tool costs a lot and not everyone has it. So you have to work with your hands.

The job is not easy. / Photo: sense-life.com.
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Working with your hands takes too much energy. However, the point is not only that kneading is a very difficult job, but also that most of the owners themselves put spokes in their wheels. We are talking about the wrong choice of container for mixing, as well as the wrong choice of the tool with which the mixing will be performed. How to approach the solution of the issue correctly?

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It's better to interfere with such. / Photo: nauka-i-religia.ru.

The first thing to do is to stop using a shovel for mixing concrete. The shovel should only be used to pour ingredients into the container. It is best to stir with such a thing as a hiller. This is a garden tool. Its main advantage is that with a significant reduction in weight (relative to the shovel), it allows you to mix a viscous substance with the same efficiency. As a result, less weight means less fatigue and faster work speed.

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We take the correct container. / Photo: uteplovdome.ru.

The second thing to do is to get the correct container for the job. Since concrete is a fluid, viscous substance, an oblong container is best suited for the most convenient mixing. An old bathtub or an agricultural trough is ideal.

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