Why pins should be stocked in the glove compartment of a car

  • Mar 03, 2021
Why pins should be stocked in the glove compartment of a car
Why pins should be stocked in the glove compartment of a car

The pin is the most useful device in the household. And this applies not only to the household, but also to the vehicle, which in one way or another is at the disposal of the majority of compatriots. Many problems can be solved with this seemingly unpretentious subject. Some of which give motorists a lot of headaches.

The pins are very helpful. | Photo: omolitvah.ru.
The pins are very helpful. | Photo: omolitvah.ru.

Each experienced motorist has his own list of items that must be in his car, as for to satisfy some of their needs, as well as to solve various technical problems related directly to the beloved "Swallow". If there is still no pin in this list, then it's time to include it. This is because it is with its help that one very common and unpleasant problem can be solved, which every driver in our latitudes sooner or later faces.

Chief Assistant. | Photo: drive2.com.

This is a clogged windshield washer. Most often they get clogged in the spring or fall, when the most dirt flies on the car. In addition, in winter, washers have a bad habit of freezing, covered with a layer of ice. Do I need to say that in any of the above situations, this device ceases to cope with its direct functions? And if the situation is completely started, then the washers may even fail.

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Nothing complicated. | Photo: shnyagi.net.

A simple pin will help solve any blockage problems. The most important thing is to be careful when working. Remember that the tubes are made of rather fragile plastic. If you apply too much force, then the material can be easily damaged. If the tube is punctured, it will most likely have to be completely replaced. And here you cannot do without the help of a qualified specialist.

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It is best to clean with pressure. ¦ Photo: drive2.com.

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