How to properly connect the wires to the electricity meter if they are broken?

  • Mar 15, 2021
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This is a continuation of the popular "Question-Answer" section. This, already 61 in a row, question with just such a heading was asked by the reader Misha. If you have your own answer to the question, then write it in the comments below. I and other readers will be happy to read it.

I quote the text of the question verbatim:

Hello! I would like to know if the wires are disconnected from the meter. How to connect them back correctly?

I reviewed the issue and advised Misha within the framework of my knowledge and qualifications as follows:

Hello, the connection of any electricity metering point should be carried out under the leadership of the power supply organization, on the balance of which the line is located. With subsequent sealing and registration as a means of calculating for consumed electricity. Otherwise, this electricity meter may not be suitable for any parameters or the previous owner was disconnected for non-payment, attempts to steal electricity, etc.

If you are interested in other purposes, and the connection of the electric meter does not have the character of a commercial metering point for you, then the whole process will consist of several stages:

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  • Determine the phasing of the available leads from the supply line. This is important because modern electricity meters are very picky about this issue. To do this, you can use a tester or multimeter, but remember that it is important to follow electrical safety rules so as not to get an electrical injury.
  • Study the pinout of the electricity meter; in each specific case, the method of connecting the device to the electrical circuit and the subsequent powering of the consumer from it may be radically different. Therefore, understand the purpose of the terminals (clamps) according to the device passport.
  • Connect the electric meter to the electrical circuit and the input distribution board to power the load. For safety reasons, it is best to perform this procedure with the voltage disconnected.

As an example, I will give one of the connection schemes for the Mercury electric meter, as one of the common models in the post-Soviet space: