What is the reason if the original wire from the iPhone does not charge the phone from the outlet, but charges from an external battery?

  • Mar 22, 2021

For your attention, already 73 in a row a question that was asked to me by a reader who introduced himself as Andrei. If you have your own answer to the question, then write it in the comments below. I and other readers of my channel will be happy to read it.

I quote the text of the question itself:

The original wire from the iPhone does not charge the phone from the outlet, but charges from an external battery, but only if the battery itself is connected to the network. What is the reason for this?
The photo is for illustrative purposes.
The photo is for illustrative purposes.

I reviewed the issue and advised the reader within the framework of my knowledge and qualifications as follows:

It's not completely clear about the battery, your power bank does not hold a charge? Check the parameters of the portable charger, if they really fell a lot, then the cord for the iPhone itself is intact. To another power outlet, I think you also tried to turn on the charger, so I exclude its malfunction. If not, try to see if it will work on a different wall outlet.

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The reason should be looked for in the following nodes:

  • Where the power supply is connected to a power outlet - with poor contact between the power supply and the lamellas of the plug socket, the voltage for charging will really be insufficient This often happens if a Euro plug is plugged into a standard power outlet.
  • Directly the power supply itself - used to convert the voltage of electrical circuits into the nominal value of a mobile device. This is the most common cause of a malfunction; repairing it yourself is quite problematic. Therefore, if the board fails, it is easier to purchase a new unit.
  • USB connector to which the cord is connected - if the connector is damaged, deformed or loosened, then a large contact resistance will not provide sufficient charging current for the battery of the mobile device. You can try to re-solder yourself, but only if you have the appropriate skills and equipment, you can read more detailed information about this in the following article: https://www.asutpp.ru/kak-pravilno-payat.html
  • Debris has accumulated in the USB connector - the blockage creates an obstacle for the flow of electric current, therefore, all inputs must be periodically cleaned from dust and other contaminants.