Voluntary compulsory inspections of the gas service. Fines for the population from gas workers

  • Mar 23, 2021

If you are the owner of a gas stove, then get ready that at any moment gas workers may come to you with a check. And it is possible that they will find violations and issue a fine. How can you protect yourself from this? Read more in today's article.

1. First of all, make sure that you have a gas stove service contract.

From July 1, 2021, the amendments made to the Rules of the fire regime in the Russian Federation will come into force. They say that during the operation of any gas appliances, they must be serviceable. This point is obvious. But the fact that gas equipment must undergo mandatory maintenance will be a discovery for many.

Voluntary compulsory inspections of the gas service. Fines for the population from gas workers

It would seem that there is nothing critical, on the whole it is quite logical. However, I propose to delve into this point in more detail and into the consequences that follow from it.

It turns out that gas workers have shifted their direct responsibilities to users. Now we, not them, must monitor the health of the equipment and regularly maintain the gas stove.
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If the gas service comes to your house and discovers that you did not complete the maintenance of the stove in a timely manner, you will have to pay a fine of 2 thousand rubles. In addition, you will be cut off from the gas.

It's one thing when it comes to stove malfunction. Indeed, it is dangerous to use such equipment, so the fine will be quite justified.

But I think the maintenance situation is unfair. It turns out that in order to comply with all the prescribed rules, the owner of the stove must conclude an agreement with the relevant company with his own money at his own expense.

After that, you need to monitor when the previous service expires in order to perform a new one. When the term comes to an end, the owner of the stove must go to the company with which he entered into the contract and submit an application for the specialists to carry out the service again.

Well, who has free time, energy, money and nerves for this? It is easy to forget about this, which threatens with a fine, which means additional costs.

2. You can get a fine for using an old gas stove

The corresponding clause is in the Code of Administrative Offenses.

If you use an old stove, then you are breaking the law, i.e. run into a fine. Gas workers who came to check will not only demand money for the violation, but also turn off the gas in the apartment.

What if I simply don’t have the money for a new stove? I think that half of the residents of the Russian Federation do not have the funds to purchase modern technology. After all, they do not use the antediluvian slabs of their own free will. Do you know what pensions Russian pensioners have? Will this amount be enough for them to buy a stove and to live another month until the next pension.

The wear of the slab is easy to calculate. You need to take her technical passport and see the service life. By adding the service life to the date of purchase, we get the date when the stove is no longer usable. You can also use the act of putting the plate into operation, adding the operational period to this date.

3. Diagnostic checks of the stove will be carried out many times more often

The fire safety regulations say that there will be more scheduled inspections of gas stoves. On the one hand, this is good, but on the other hand, the owners of the equipment will have to pay for the banquet.

Looking at the amendments, it turns out that we simply have to pay several times more and more often!

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