5 not at all secret secrets of harvesting a bountiful strawberry harvest

  • Apr 08, 2021

Good afternoon, my reader. Strawberries are a capricious culture that requires a lot of attention and effort. To ensure that the time spent on care is not left without results, it is important to perform certain procedures in the correct order. These include mulching, tillage, fertilization and others. These measures will not only increase the yield of plants, but also improve the quality of the soil.

 Strawberry. Illustration for this article is used under a standard license © ofazende.com
Strawberry. Illustration for this article is used under a standard license © ofazende.com
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During this process, the strawberry bed is covered with organic materials to keep the soil warm. In addition, mulching improves the condition of the soil, and the gardener can reduce the number of fertilizing and weeding. Most often, straw, hay, weeds, film or spunbond, chips, needles or sawdust are used for mulching strawberries.

The frequency of mulching is usually limited to 2 cover changes. First, the plants are covered in early spring, before the ovaries form. The procedure is repeated at the end of October.

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Watering regime and rules

Strawberries have a shallow, small root system. Due to the shallow location of the underground part, the plant especially needs regular watering. It will not be able to withstand the drought because it will not receive moisture from the ground. When calculating the amount of moisture in the beds, you need to take into account the type of soil, but usually the water consumption is 10-12 liters per 1 m 2. From May to July, the strawberry garden needs to be watered 3 times a month, and in August and September - 2 times a month. If an insufficient amount of moisture is applied to the soil, this can harm the plants and lead to the development of diseases.


For the entire summer season, 3 dressings are added to the soil where strawberries grow. In spring, the plant needs nutrients for the development of shoots, the best option for the nutrient composition will be a nitrogen-containing fertilizer. Experts recommend preparing a solution by adding a tablespoon of nitroammophoska to 10 liters of water, and then pouring this mixture on the bushes, spending a liter for each.

Strawberry. Illustration for this article is used under a standard license © ofazende.com

In summer, fertilization activates the formation of young roots and flower buds. During this time, strawberries need potassium and other beneficial trace elements. To prepare the product, 2 tablespoons of potassium nitrate (or 100 g of ash) are dissolved in 10 liters of water. For one plant, you need to spend half a liter of the composition.

When the crop has already been harvested, around the middle of September, the final top dressing is carried out. For its preparation, 1 part of mullein and 100-150 g of ash are dissolved in 10 parts of water. For 1 bush, 250 ml of the resulting mixture will be enough.

Prevention of diseases and pest attacks

The studied culture is subject to a considerable number of diseases. Powdery mildew, gray rot and pests that disrupt the development of berries are dangerous to her. Seasonal processing, which is carried out in autumn and spring, will help protect plants from such troubles. The first procedure involves the introduction of nitrogen fertilizers and mulching the beds with humus. During the second treatment, the beds are watered with a solution of onion peels. Add 200 g of onion husks to 10 liters of water, let it brew for 3 days and water the area where strawberries grow. This exercise prevents slugs and snails from attacking.

Strawberry. Illustration for this article is used under a standard license © ofazende.com

Removing whiskers and dried leaves

If you do not get rid of excess mustache and dried foliage, these parts will consume the plant energy necessary for the development of fruits. The mustache should be removed gradually, and the foliage should be removed during the appearance of the ovaries. In the fall, to prepare the plant for winter, you need to cut off all the leaves and whiskers. Thanks to this, strawberries will more firmly endure winter frosts.

Do you know when to feed strawberries?

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