Funny crafts from plastic bottles

  • May 13, 2021
Funny crafts from plastic bottles

Greetings, dear readers of my channel!

Let's make some fun crafts out of ordinary plastic bottles. They are made simply, a lot of time and materials are not needed, and even a beginner in needlework can handle it.

So, here's what you need:

1. 2 liter plastic bottles for cola or others;

2. Ruler, scissors, marker;

3. Nail polish remover;

4. Sandpaper;

5. Spray paint or acrylic paint.

These crafts can be done with children, they will be interested.

Step 1.

I used 2 liter bottles, but you can use others. I cut 3 bottles at the very bottom, there is a seam, and I cut it along it.

Step 2.

I marked the other 3 bottles at a height of 7 cm from the bottom and cut them out too.

Step 3.

In order not to cut my hands, I processed the cut edges with sandpaper.

Step 4.

From the middle of the bottle, I cut straight pieces of plastic, without ribs. Cut out leaves and cuttings from them.

Step 5.

Glued the cuttings with leaves together.

Step 6.

I wiped all the plastic with nail polish remover and painted it with spray paints. As I wrote above, you can use acrylic paints.

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Step 7.

I glued the leaves in place.

We got such funny containers in the form of apples or bell peppers.

See what other crafts from plastic bottles we made:

I took large plastic bottles of 5 and 10 liters, and made chic flowerpots for the garden

We take a 5 liter bottle and make a wonderful hanging planter

5 liter bottles make great hanging garden pots

Friends, may your mood always be excellent. Thank you very much for your attention!