Brother threw a knife in an interesting scrap. I picked up and attached a simple handle from a water pipe. Not without mistakes

  • Dec 24, 2019

Recently, a brother to restore order in his garage, junk piece of iron to one side to another. Poryskav in his metal pile found a blank for the knife, it had to be confiscated. As they say give a second life to a piece of iron.

As I realized this blank under the knife is made of saws for cutting metal, visible ground off and the teeth of the marking. A machine has been in the photo, they were cut blanks.

Decided to make a knife for the garage, which is not a pity that either kramsat. Therefore, beauty is not necessary, and essential functionality.

The handle will do of the water pipe. Initially used polypropylene tube of 25 mm diameter.

The tube has a circular shape, in order to stick the knife into the plastic pipe to heat it, we need a gas burner or hairdryer construction.

Warming it is strong enough to handle the future establish a vise.

Continuing stifle gradually heating.

Strongly flattened sufficiently clear that pipe diameter of 25 mm is not sufficient.

Therefore I decided to make the handle of the pipe in 32 mm. The procedure is the same. Flipping gallery.

In GIFCA more intuitive process.

Desirably before the "marriage" of the tube and the workpiece, the latter warm up. In order to not occurred within abrupt cooling.

It remains well hot parts poobzhimat vise happened to bonding of metal and polypropylene.

Before the show the end result analyze the errors identified in the process:

  1. Water pipe must be clean inside, better new.
  2. A metal workpiece must be cleaned of rust and degreased. Observing these conditions "stickiness" of blanks increases.
  3. The thickness of the metallic handles must be reduced by 5 mm. Then it would enter the pipe diameter of 25 mm. And the handle was not so cumbersome. And so in the end it turned out that what happened:

without treatment

After grinding, drilling and drill-resistant, emery unfortunately was not.

A lot of processing time did not spend, the exhibition it did not send.

Alternatively plated handle shrink. It was only 50 mm. because of this, the ends are not formed accurately.

I hope you understand the manufacturing process and the handle is useful to you presented information.

Bless you do not fall ill!