Dodgy grandmother was trying to get to work for free or for some reason hate "black" thread

  • Dec 24, 2019
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Carrying out work to replace the counters always prepare for the worst. The probability of flooding the apartment is always there, even if you consider yourself an expert teen. Here at this time I took a case that could lead to a flood. But this time luck was on my side and the threads on the sleeves broke down after the opening of the valve.

Sometimes the work of previous plumber I do not understand, but I try not to judge. It seems to have been the reason.

On good chapeau entire unit should be redone. I said to the owner of the apartment:

-" Granny,rotted pipe, Here you have to change everything, for an additional fee "- I said to the pensioner 80 years.

- "How rotten? Before you because everything worked fine, I'll pay for the replacement of meters, and for the alteration pipe I will not pay anything. "- The old lady answered, with indignation in his voice.

- "Then I pick up an instrument and go, you'll have to find another expert."- I replied with a calm voice.

- "Well, I have only two hundred rubles and the amount of the replacement of meters, you do the job?" - she asks me.

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I thought otvetil- "Okay, but I'll just replace the piece of pipe for the money" - had to agree to unnecessarily sorry for his time, and the tenants can not be left without water.

Ran for "soldering" good always carry it in the car, scored b / u fittings. And perform a 15-minute work on the replacement of eviction.

What do you think would need to be done for free?

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For those who believe that the work I had to do it for free, I explain. Grandmother in the apartment do not live, and live in it her grandson, who dirtied the apartment. At the time of the work he dryh in the next room, there came the smell of fume. When I asked what a mess, grandmother excuses that he works in a factory and is very tired ...

His in excess of tutelage of parents and grandparents distort the soul of your children and grandchildren. They sit on the neck and legs hung... This situation was also in the apartment. Therefore neither a desire to help free it was not.

All work after opening valves plumbing perform for a fee. Pipe after the valve is your personal property, for which you are responsible as the purse in case of damage to neighbors.

After the work she has settled with me, and before long checked for leaks at the joints.

On good grandson I had to do the work themselves. Not for nothing that works in a factory. Especially accompany plumbing he could himself. And not to drive his grandmother in a taxi to the apartment in which it exists.