Screws in the sewers, the miracle of thought from the plumbers

  • Dec 24, 2019

- "Fedor and that the screw is screwed in a sewer pipe?"- I asked the plumber is responsible for the drainage system in the houses.

- "What kind of screws"- puzzled look at me, my comrade.

- "Here's a look" I show him pictures from your phone:

-"And these... we had here comrade, went with me on rounds where to pour bleach, which clean the blockage. So where necessary and where it is not necessary, he twisted them. Sometimes kanalyuga constantly razedenyaetsya and begins to sink cellars. We then go on feces and connect them. Someone nadoumel screws to fasten it so he twisted. "-

- "And you tried to install metal clamps? "- I asked sarcastically.

Metalichisky clamp.
Metalichisky clamp.

- "Yes, when I have time, a lot of applications. Or come to the warehouse of the clamps not, punch busy. And then forgotten. Simply tighten the screw. Although I know that this can not be done, but you have to get out. "-

- "And what self-tapping screws to the end is not twisted"- I was teasing him.

- "Yeah, and cleaning cloth to cling there? Screws tighten too wisely is necessary, not to the end and at the high points, "-

Shared with me the secrets of Fyodor chimney sweep.

Sometimes in the basement with no foam or like)
Sometimes in the basement with no foam or like)

Self spinning down the drain is undesirable, because the pipeline is broken mount technology. In the market there are many different models of collars that can be fixed to fix departing from the pressure sewer pipe.

I wrote an article with the phone while waiting for the application. I apologize for the error.

Be healthy! 😉