Why used to be enough two "plugs" in the electrical panel for the whole house, and now they put almost an automatic machine for each light bulb?

  • Jun 23, 2022
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Electricity is one of those things that you absolutely cannot save on. However, sometimes in pursuit of good quality, we buy expensive devices that are not worth the money. Manufacturers claim that their devices are high-tech and reliable, unparalleled. This is the marketing ploy. After all, in fact, we buy ordinary devices, only heavily advertised.

Why used to be enough two " plugs" in the electrical panel for the whole house, and now they put almost an automatic machine for each light bulb?
When approaching electrical issues, you need to think through everything a few moves ahead. To ensure a reliable system in the house, it is necessary to assemble an introductory shield. This is where ordinary people are faced with a choice: expensive and seemingly reliable, or cheap and doubtful.

Nowadays, the range of automation is very huge. Therefore, electrical panels are installed in houses, similar to providing, if not a space rocket, then a submarine, that's for sure.

But even today, I stumble upon houses that only have two traffic jams. And people live for themselves, and they don’t know problems.

Both options are possible, but which one should you choose? Let's try to figure it out. It is obvious that in the modern world everything has changed a lot and doing as they did before is sometimes dangerous and wrong.

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  • First, home electrical networks a few decades ago were not what they are today. If earlier the voltage between phase and phase was 220V, and between phase and zero - 127V, then at the moment these values ​​have increased to 380V and 220V.
  • Secondly, there are much more consumers of electricity today than there used to be.

Even if these two factors are taken into account, it is quite possible to do without some machines and devices even today.

Each socket on the machine?

To be honest, it doesn't fit in my head. Seeing how people install a lot of machines, hang RCDs, I think: “Why?”

I agree that a modern shield needs various automation. But each device performs a specific function. For switches, it is one, for RCDs it is different, and for voltage relays it is third.

Remember, if you put the machine on a group of outlets, it will work the same as it would work with one outlet!

When I assembled the electrical panel in the house, I followed the following principles. I advise you to do the same:

  • 1. The shield must be multi-stage. First, protection at the entrance, then automation for each group, etc. It turns out that each step insures the previous one.
  • 2. Be sure to consider the number of electricity consumers and the operating conditions of electrical appliances. Do I need to explain that the lines for connecting the oven and the low-power lamp must be different?
  • 3. Remember that appliances in damp rooms need more protection.

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