Now we never throw away toilet paper rolls. Very useful and necessary item! Show how we use them

  • Jun 26, 2022

What is a bushing? In fact, it is a dense cardboard in the form of a cylinder. But what useful properties can it have? Not many people are aware of the mass of ways to use bushings. If you did not know what you can create from them, this article will be extremely useful for you.

Most recently, I also threw them into the trash without looking back. But over time, I learned about the many uses for toilet paper rolls.

Now we never throw away toilet paper rolls. Very useful and necessary item! Show how we use them

Cardboard sleeves for window cleaning

To be honest, cleaning windows is my least favorite thing to do. But no matter how I try to shelve this work, every year, with the first rays of the spring sun, it becomes necessary to wash all the windows in the apartment. But, thanks to my unwillingness to stand at the window for a long time, I discovered a trick that speeds up the process at times.

In the past, I used a rag and window cleaner to clean windows. But if it was more or less easy with glass, then when it came to window frames, my hands dropped. A rag did not work at all to get to hard-to-reach places. Then I began to come up with new ways to clean windows.
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So, in search of a solution to problems with hard-to-reach places on the window frame, I came to use a toilet paper roll. It would seem, how can it be used in such a process? Everything is simple. It is necessary to immerse half of the sleeve in water for a few seconds. Next, you need to give the cardboard cylinder the desired shape by stretching it. And then, with a sleeve, you can get to the farthest corners of the window frame and clean out all the dirt.

Many of my acquaintances clean window frames with the tip of a knife. But this is not entirely effective, since the knife has a smooth surface. The advantage of my method is that the wet sleeve has a loose surface, and due to this, more dust and dirt collects from the corners.

Use of cardboard cylinders in gardening

A fact proven in practice that toilet paper rolls can be used instead of pots for growing seedlings. They have a suitable height and diameter for growing seeds. And when the time comes to transplant seedlings into open ground, you will not need to get the sprout from the sleeve. It will be enough to dig the sprout along with it into the hole, and the cardboard shell will decompose in the ground without damaging the root system.

And also, the use of bushings is a big savings. Indeed, in a year you can accumulate a sufficient number of bushings so as not to buy plastic disposable pots for seedlings at all.

Homemade organizers from cardboard sleeves

It often happens that small details appear in the house that need to be sorted. This is what organizers are for. But what if you make an organizer with your own hands? Bushings will help with this. It is necessary to connect several bushings together and glue the bottom of the cardboard to make the organizer stable.

Such a device can be used in the closet, in the garage, in the children's room, in the bathroom.

To give the homemade organizer an attractive look, you can decorate it all with gouache or watercolor.

Using bushings in creativity

Sleeves can be a great tool for developing fine motor skills in children. You just need to give the bushings different shapes and dip into the paint. It turned out a homemade stamp, which can be given any shape, triangles, heart stars, etc... Such a device will definitely interest the baby.

They can also be used as a cell phone stand, jewelry stand and more.

Summing up, we can say that an ordinary bushing is a universal thing. And the uses of the cardboard cylinder are not limited. Try, experiment and fantasize!

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