Dozmeter Rodnik 3 worked on batteries for 3 years

  • Aug 10, 2022

For five years now, a small instrument Rodnik 3 has been continuously measuring radiation on my desk and displays its level. Surprisingly, in the continuous measurement mode, the batteries lasted for three years.

Dozmeter Rodnik 3 worked on batteries for 3 years

Almost all radiation dosimeters (both household and professional, both cheap and expensive) work only when you turn them on. And only this one always works, and there is a mode when it displays the clock (continuing to measure "in the background" radiation and warn with a sound signal when exceeded), and there is a mode when the level is constantly displayed radiation.

The device is built on the SBM 20-1 sensor manufactured by RosAtom (such sensors are used in most dosimeters). It captures γ (gamma), β (beta) and X-rays. There is no lead plate, so it is impossible to separate beta from gamma, but this is not required, because the task this device does not measure large levels of radiation, but shows the background level and notifies when it excess.

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In addition to the continuous display of the radiation background, I have enabled the display of a particle hitting the sensor with a flash of a red LED.

I gave my first device to a friend, and the second has been working for me since the summer of 2019. And then the device showed that the batteries need to be replaced.

Regular Duracell AAA batteries are not the most capacious, but they worked for three years.

I replaced them with lithium ones. I wonder how much they will last now (maybe for five years, maybe ten).

Of course, the probability that you accidentally have a radioactive object at home is small, but I believe that everyone should have a constantly working small household radiation dosimeter.

Peace for everyone!

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