4 serious mistakes when installing OSB boards that most people make

  • Sep 03, 2022
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OSB sheets are a product of modern technologies. Slabs are made from chips, which are laid in a certain way in each layer. The plates are impregnated with various resins. Finished blanks are pressed at high temperature. Plates are used in the construction of frame houses, for which they were invented at one time in the United States.

Recently, there is often information that OSB sheets do not fulfill the hopes placed on them. However, when analyzing specific situations, it turns out that the installation of OSB boards is often done incorrectly, which is why there are negative reviews about such products.
4 serious mistakes when installing OSB boards that most people make

In this article, I want to draw your attention to the typical mistakes that are made when working with such material and which can lead to the destruction of the erected structure.

1. Non-horizontal installation

Many, oddly enough, do not know that when erecting one-story structures (for example, houses), OSB boards, according to SNiP, can only be laid in a horizontal plane. If this condition is not met, then the stability of the structure and its high strength are not guaranteed.
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Important: the horizontal condition must be observed only when sheathing the frame from the outside. If we are talking about internal partitions on which no load is created, OSB boards can also be installed vertically.

2. The use of self-tapping screws for the wrong purpose

During construction work, OSB boards must be fixed to the frame, either with nails or with yellow construction screws. Self-tapping screws of other colors, such as black, cannot be used because of their low shear strength.

3. Failure to comply with the minimum clearance rule

OSB boards cannot be mounted close to each other, because when the temperature and humidity of the surrounding space change, oriented strand boards can change their geometric dimensions.

4. Not protected from moisture

A significant part of users believe that oriented strand board is a moisture resistant material. This is a common mistake that can lead to big problems.

After installation, the outer plates must be protected from environmental influences. For example, the walls of the house can be covered with siding. Otherwise, after a year, the unprotected plate will simply crumble.

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