How to process boards so that they serve more than 70 years. A tried and tested method from our ancestors that still works great

  • Sep 07, 2022
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I think you once wondered what the floorings in the courtyards of the village are made of. The answer is simple - from edged boards. Residents in the village rarely change them. But this is not surprising, because high-quality boards will not rot and mold. They serve people for many years and do not deteriorate. To all this, they still have an attractive appearance. Even a replacement cannot be found for this material, and there is no need for it.

How to process boards so that they serve more than 70 years. A tried and tested method from our ancestors that still works great
Nowadays, terraces made of wooden boards have somehow gone out of fashion. Now more and more often they use a polymer composite material, which is very similar to real wood. However, this option is not budget friendly. Not everyone can afford 1,500 rubles per square meter.

I know that many people still make flooring from ordinary boards. But there is one change. Now lay the boards on the bars. This method is much more economical than the modern one. The main disadvantage of this method is fragility. Unfortunately, in a few years it will be necessary to do everything again and change to a new one, because the boards rot.

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There is one old-fashioned budget method that was used a hundred years ago. If you use it, then as a result the tree will not rot and mold for many years.

For him it is necessary:

  • 1. Edged boards should be dried well before starting work. This stage takes about a year or two. Quite a long process, but worth your time and patience.
  • 2. After the boards have dried, the stage of calcination over an open flame begins.
At the stage of calcination, it is important not to burn the tree. We keep the boards at a distance of five or seven millimeters from the fire. If you overdo it and the boards are very charred, they may prematurely shed.

But if you do not hold on, then all the work will go down the drain. After all, the boards will still begin to rot over time. Therefore, this process must be taken very seriously.

  • 3. At the last stage, the boards are carefully coated with linseed oil. I recommend doing this several times to consolidate the result.

For convenience, the oil must be poured into a cauldron and heated to a temperature of 60-70 degrees. Such oil was popular at the time and was used for a variety of purposes.

So, it turns out that ordinary flax oil will help save a lot of money. Plus, thanks to this method, it will be possible not to worry about the quality of the flooring.

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