What trees, in no case should be planted on your site and near the house

  • Sep 09, 2022
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A country house has its advantages over a city apartment. In particular, on the plot in front of the house, you can plant a sprawling tree and enjoy a pleasant shade in hot weather while sitting under its branches in summer. However, as in many cases regarding planting in a country garden, the situation with trees is not so obvious and simple.

What trees, in no case should be planted on your site and near the house

A tree, as you know, is a large plant with a crown that can grow both in height and in width. Powerful roots can sprout in the soil, spreading over a large area. Fruit trees try to grow as large branches as possible and make them large in order to receive the maximum amount of heat. As a result, the branches may end up on the roof of the house.

Since wood is a rather heavy material, the roof can be damaged, as well as the roof structure itself. Of course, the branches can be cut, but in this case it will not be possible to get the desired shadow, but the roots will continue to capture the space and at some point begin to destroy the foundation of the house.
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What trees, in no case should be planted on your site and near the house

For example, the roots of a plant such as a spruce can easily destroy the structure of a house and lift paved paths. The spruce tree is beautiful, it is often planted near the house, but it grows quite quickly and after a few it will take decades to get rid of it, and this is very laborious, if not dangerous process.

When cutting down a large tree, it is easy to destroy a house or any building on the site.

Deciduous trees shed their leaves every fall (and even during the summer months), which block drains and require constant cleaning.

The way out of this situation is quite simple - do not plant trees, both fruit and forest, closer than five meters to the house. It is necessary to choose trees of medium height that will not grow too high.

You can use dwarf and decorative varieties, but you must remember that their lifespan limited to ten years, and they begin to bear fruit as much as possible only after a few years (from four up to six). After the death of a tree, a new one will have to be planted, and the old one will be removed and uprooted.

Many land owners do not plant trees at all. They break flower beds and perennial varieties of flowers. Look very good, for example, roses, blackberries. It is necessary to choose varieties that are easier to care for, the climbing of which is not high. Then they do not need to build different multi-meter supports.

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