Describes independently resuscitate ball valve without calling plumbing

  • Dec 24, 2019

The last time you told what to do ahead of time so that the cranes have not turned sour, and not out of order. But then you did not use my advice earlier and longer cranes cover the water, strongly oxidized. For example today's proposal caught here are cranes:

They barely managed to block a single motion. Apparently they recently touched, so it was easier to block the flow of water.

On a note

In the semi-taps "mirror" of the ball inside the locking device is covered with dirt, oxidized. Thus, the valve handle bad returns to the fully closed or fully open. Or breaks.

But there are cases that one valve does not block the traffic. This valve has got to me earlier. How to develop a crane? Who is going to tell you.

Before us is the crane which heavily resisted, it was possible to establish the handle perpendicular to the tap, but it still does not overlap the water. Unnecessarily interfered with limiters. To completely block the fluid move, we need to remove the handle. Turn off any suitable key. Perhaps this detail "prikipit", then it should gradually undermine and it will come out. Do not forget to browse the gallery.

Next, turn over the handle. This is done so that the travel stops have not rested on tap.

Small degrees of movement 30 in the right and left, become loose oxides on the ball within the valve.

Attention. Jerk the handle may damage the rod. In this case, replacement of the crane is inevitable.

After the data manipulation crane usually becomes workable. It is important to periodically shut-off valve
expose to close and open water. Thus, you will not allow the valve to sour. It happens that the cranes are not reversed, in which case they should only be replaced.

Important. If you are not confident in their abilities it is not necessary to take action to restore the operability of the cranes. To do this, invite a specialist Zheka from the housing.
For a particularly self-confident are advised to dial emergency dispatching services on the phone display. So that in the event of a flood in the apartment screaming "help" and "what to do"

The author is not responsible for your actions, information is given for informational purposes only. In the next article I make out broken faucet filter. Do not miss.

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