Pruning roses in the spring: rules, tips, advice

  • Dec 24, 2019
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With the onset of spring gardeners begin to perform work related to trimming shrubs and flowers. These actions have to touch the rose. If you do not provide them with proper care, you can forget about their bloom and fragrance in the warm season.

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Sanitary pruning to healthy tissue - an important procedure that should be done with the rose bushes. In the spring pruning to be all kinds of roses. During this period, you need to remove old, dry, loose and primerzshie shoots. This must be done to ensure that the bush is not expended on these forces, but rather sent them to build new, where the buds will appear.

Spring pruning roses also will give a nice shape.

shoot pruning stimulates flowering. Near the beginning of the bush must also remove the fresh shoots. Regarding the timing of pruning roses in the spring, they can be carried out at different times. This is due to the fact that spring is late and early. In this case, based on weather conditions and be sure to take into account the condition of the bush.

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Trim rose permissible only after the onset of warm days. During this period, the shoots have not yet started up in growth, and the kidneys are already beginning to swell. This period is in March-April.

Produce desirable pruning roses on a sunny day. For such manipulations need garden tools acutely Edged secateurs, which has been treated with a solution of potassium permanganate. Prodelyvat slice need a little above the kidney (0.5 cm) following the angle of 45 degrees. When they are cropped, they have to put the garden Var. Before the shoot out leaves and sprinkle the bushes recommended copper sulfate.

Pruning climbing roses spring

Purpose pruning climbing roses in the spring is to hold the molding bush. This type of plant does not need any pruning, but if it is not done in a few years the bush will grow so that access to it is limited. As a result, hide it in the winter will not work.

In this regard, in the spring, after the elimination of protection and sanitary pruning bush must-izredit, remove all branches, which led to its thickening and try to give it a shape to shoot growth was horizontal.

Before you begin the pruning roses, novice gardeners, you must be sure to watch the video, which describes all the stages of manipulation with the plant.

Pruning shrub roses spring

To give a beautiful shape shrub roses, chronic shoots should be cut "on the ring." Leave "stump" should not be. The adult plants should be 3-5 strong shoots, which must be shortened to 3-4 buds. Bush should have a height okolo10-20 see. All shoots, interfere with each other and you need to cut. If the remaining two branches, you need to choose the one that is younger and the one that has a good location.

Pruning Hybrid Tea roses in the spring

In crop grown hybrid tea roses also have their own characteristics. It should be shortened by 20-25 cm from ground level. It is important that the shoots were about 5-6 buds. Crop planting young seedlings in the time you need to a height of 15 cm.

Number of buds on the shoots should not exceed 2-4 pcs. Roses in this class will bloom on shoots of the current year. No need to be afraid to remove the branches, whose age is more than 2 years old and younger shortened, as it activates the flowering.

Pruning roses floribunda spring

Floribunda rose varieties should be cut rather gentle way. After the winter passed, the shoots, age 2-3 years cut is not entirely necessary, they must be shortened. Annual shoots are cut by 1/3 length.

Pruning groundcover roses spring

This rose variety is not in need of the formation, so in the spring they would be enough for thinning and sanitary cutting. It is worth noting that the need to cut only those shoots that grow vertically. If the old shoots was able to survive the winter, their bark is green. In this case, they are encouraged to leave intact.

Ground cover roses need pruning in reinforced, which should be done every 5-6 years (side shoots are cut to 2-4). If this is not done, the old bush will not please flowering. Pruning roses spring curb. If an adult bush, then shoots from the middle of a bush that grows vertically, not cut.

With regard to the side, their crop is not strong. To rose bush was beautiful, in the first year, in the late autumn and in the summer you need to pinch shoots over 4 or 5 leaves. Buds, which need time to remove faded.

Pruning roses in the spring park

During the first years of the park roses are blooming gorgeous and do not require forming. In these kinds of flowers bloom on long-standing stalks and a gain of the current season. Therefore, with the arrival of spring will be enough to hold the sanitary pruning. If the bush is old, you need to prune every shoot that flowers were not small

Pruning room rose spring

Gardeners advised to conduct cutting room roses not in spring and in autumn. If these manipulations were carried out, the plant that has been cultivated in the home, cut off in the first months of spring buds at this time has not yet blossomed. Such actions should be carried out with a rose with the following rules:

  • Last year's runners made shorter so that each branch, there were 3-4 fully developed kidneys.
  • If dissolved little buds, rose need rejuvenating procedure that requires a strong crop;
  • Bush form, depending on their preferences. He can be given any shape (sphere, cone, etc.). Then you need to remove a loose, thin, dry, and growing deeper into the bush branches.
Important! Whatever varieties of roses are not circumcised, be sure to rely on the general guidelines.

This and many other materials can be found on our website.

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