15 ideas on how to decorate a home or cottage for Christmas

  • Dec 24, 2019

Admiring the Christmas cards and want to repeat the warm and cozy atmosphere of the approaching holidays in his house? We offer a number of options for the interior decorations that are easy to repeat yourself. Surprisingly, unique items created with his own hands from the simplest materials.

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It begins in December, falling snow, howling wind, and the soul requires heat and the holiday. Premonition Christmas and New Year's in the air, but the expectation inconvenienced. In order not to miss, to fill the free time and in parallel benefit, engage in home decoration. Read about the most interesting ideas and start implementation. Right now. By the way, working together to help unite the family and have fun together in the evening.

1. Christmas trees in pots

It is impossible to imagine Christmas and New Year without a Christmas tree. But it does not always have the opportunity to place in the house fluffy forest beauty. Not enough space, children and favorite pets encroach on the welfare of the holiday symbol, confused abundantly falling needles - the reasons for the rejection of a full set of trees, but from a small copy - no one.

Get a neat herringbone format "mini" in the beautiful themed pot. Note that the tree is a living, needs watering, does not pollute the surrounding space with dry needles, spreading around the house a distinctive aroma of Christmas. Decorate the Christmas tree as you wish, hang garlands and toys, tinsel.

By the way, if the tree is well survive the winter, spring can be moved to the infield.

2. Spruce paws as a replacement for a large Christmas tree

Why not, instead of a Christmas tree to use only part of it - sprawling legs. On Christmas markets this stuff is usually in excess, sellers give free of charge or for mere pennies. Be sure to use the beauty to transform the house into a magical place.

The branches are placed in vases or hung on the wall. Be sure to decorate appropriately. Remember that in this case, the needles will crumble, so any place fir foot just before a holiday, or get ready to replace them with new ones.

3. Variations on a Christmas wreath

Christmas wreath - a foreign tradition. But what prevents adopt a beautiful idea, which will bring the holiday spirit into the house? The wreath is a symbol of comfort and affluence. Not necessary to place it on the front door from the outside (as tradition commands), hang on the inside, on the wall, put on the table. Anywhere it will create a feeling of proximity of this miracle. By the way, if you make a wreath with his hands, and even the whole family, it will unite the household and will fill the house warm.

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4. The decor on the windows

Thinking home decor, a separate attention to the windows. Remember, as in childhood painted glass themed pictures and pasted paper snowflakes? Agree, kind of drifts and wind howling through such much nicer decoration. And when there is no snow in sight, but refuses to draw the frost on the windows of their patterns, why not do the work for him, and did not create in the house a sense of environmental winter.

Use, for example, cans with artificial snow, hang toys, garlands, colorful light bulbs. Be creative, experiment, allow the children to take part in the design - let them feel the spirit of the upcoming holidays.

5. decorate the window sill

Windowsill can and should become a stylistic continuation of the window. Use the surface to create a beautiful composition, or even play a Christmas / New Year's scene with the appropriate figures.

On the windowsill Candles look great - get a very mysterious and romantic painting. Importantly, do not forget about safety.

6. Decor corners and shelves

Use any suitable place in the house to accommodate Christmas decorations. Festive surroundings will not interfere in daily life, but will create a unique atmosphere. Remember not to overload the room, otherwise the decor will press. The excess is worse shortage. So first think through clearly what and where to put / hang up, and only then proceed to registration.

7. Illuminations

Garlands does not happen much. Christmas and New Year - the best time to turn the house into a sparkling jewel. Garlands traditionally hung on the tree, but why limit a flight of fancy? Use windows, walls, throw in a multi-colored thread on the shelf boring. If you - the owner of a private house, spread the magic of lights on the façade and even the adjoining land, adorn tall plants in the yard, arrange themed figurines.

8. Christmas plants

The number of Christmas plants include not only the Christmas tree. There are a number of live traditional decorations for the home. For example, a real symbol of the holiday - the poinsettia. This is another gorgeous plant is called the "Christmas Star". Indeed, the bright red leaves resemble flashes of fire.

No less impressive looks holly. It is often used to create wreaths. It considered a symbol of renewal, rebirth, eternal cycle of life.

Mistletoe - not just a pest that infects trees. Please note that during the winter this plant retains an attractive bright green color, so it will be a great decoration. By the way, it is connected with the mistletoe nice western tradition, based on the Scandinavian myths. It is believed that the mistletoe brings peace and tranquility, as well as blesses loving heart. Therefore, green twigs have traditionally hung from the ceiling, and the space underneath is for kisses. Fans of "Harry Potter" could see this beautiful tradition, embodied on the screen.

9. Candles in the interior

The best idea to create a cozy and romantic atmosphere - candles. Burning flame marks the victory of light over darkness, good over evil. Lighting a candle, the person admits to the house of family warmth. Today it is easy to pick up options for any interior: large and small, any desired shapes and colors. Be sure to include in the formulation of candles, but, as mentioned above, do not forget about safety.

10. volumetric snowflakes

Often, the best decoration can be done with his own hands. Note the volumetric snowflakes. Minimum cost of both material and time - and you get a great decoration for the home.

11. Using contrasting colors

Remember the main New Year's and Christmas colors. This red, white, green. They are associated with the approaching holidays. In addition, the bright colors create a mood, fill hearts with joy and a sense of approaching celebration.

12. edible decorations

Treat children - replace artificial edible decorations. On fur-trees can often be seen gingerbread men, but why do we need a boring plastic? Spend a little time and fabricate their own tasty gingerbread. Especially fun to do it in the company of children. Allow them to do list. Choose not only men. Create a gingerbread house, toys other forms. Hang them on the Christmas tree, and after the holidays arrange unusual tea with wonderful decorations.

If we are talking about edible, do not leave without attention and flavors. Christmas is associated with the smell of pine needles is not only, but also tangerines, cinnamon. Lay spices in secluded places and enjoy.

13. Decorations for walls

Thinking Christmas decorations for the home, do not forget about the walls. This is the best place for original installations - always in sight and not get underfoot. even the Christmas tree can be placed on a wall, add a bright light bulbs and get a chic decor.

Do not limit your trees. Consider the interesting theme of the composition, to settle on the wall of Santa Claus and Snow Maiden, hang Advent calendar for children, let time pass before the holidays fun and exciting.

14. Angels in the interior

What is Christmas without angels? The figures are different, the main thing is not to overdo it and not to arrange the overpopulation of these winged creatures. By the way, a beautiful tradition - to have a family of "Angel." Make a figure themselves or buy in the store at the time of the holidays place on the main place, and then settled on the shelf, to the mascot guard your peace and well-being.

15. Color spectrum

Considering the decor examples in glossy magazines, you probably will not just think that you can not repeat these ideal images. And it is not necessary. Christmas and New Year's - a family holiday, you need comfort and warmth, not a carefully considered every detail. Remember that the main colors of these holidays are perfectly combined with each other. No matter how you place the selected objects, in any case, will turn out beautifully. Therefore imagination Arm and proceed to registration.

Get ready for the holidays in advance - it is a separate pleasure not to be missed. The next opportunity to enjoy the process appears only after a year. Arm presented ideas, supplementing their own, develop and implement. Happy Holidays!

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