We do not go to the toilet properly, urologist told me when I have him in the apartment tricky water meters

  • Dec 24, 2019

Recently, I call a friend at work and prayer requests:

- "Requirement, it is necessary to change the counters have a good friend, he urologist if you need it"- chattering, he spoke into the phone.

-" TFA at you "- I tell him.

- "God forbid, it is better not need a physician." -

And he thought to himself, soon 40 years, and forever young and healthy you will not, you will have to consult. Talk about prevention, so that man's strength did not leave as long as possible.

On the same day I called my new client. We agreed that we will meet tomorrow in his apartment. At the same time he had to buy the metering devices, you see, he has no time. Well, I buy it. Normal practice, when the plumber is buying counters.

The next day, when they came to his apartment was surprised a mess in the apartment and in the bathroom at the doctor. Well none of my business, I thought to myself.

After completing work on the replacement of meters he began to fill in the documents and in parallel started a conversation about men's health. As it turned out, my client is quite cheerful and talkative person. Unlike many sullen doctors. In the conversation it became clear that the apartment he had just bought a 14 year old daughter for the future, so there's a mess. And he lives in a private home.

By the way, who knows what kind of shot holes in the counters of water? Many guess, I am waiting for your answers in the comments

From a conversation about men's health turned out some of the facts that I have learned in your court:

  • You can not sit on the toilet for a long time and straining. Rush of blood to the pelvis may have "bumps in the veins"
  • Empty the urinary bladder should be seated men. This position allows not to strain the muscles of the legs, thus urine comes out completely. Yes and accuracy in shooting at the toilet jet is no longer needed.
  • The best position for going to the toilet is squatting. For thousands of years the body is released from unnecessary waste products that way. Only in recent years 100-50 move on the toilet and thereby earned a lot of diseases below the waist.
  • In general, according to him, is the best plumber for the body, this cup "Genova" It "goes" all without problems.
Looks nice, not what we had in the army.
Looks nice, not what we had in the army.


Most importantly, he said, it does not sit on a cold seat in the car is not warmed up. Be sure to enclose need something to warm the house. Or enjoy the heated seat feature if available.

And finally advised candles on exactly which, under Article I can not say. I will take them for prevention before every cold season.

About where I keep the money earned in Yandex Zen read here.

That's all friends, stay healthy, do not fall ill. Yes you will arrive with masculine strength. And do not forget to go to the toilet properly.