In winter, always carry a bottle of alcohol and a syringe in the car

  • Dec 24, 2019

In winter, there comes time for heavy vehicle and the iron horse owner. For 10 years, the auto control (first was a 10-minute, and now Grant Harmony) to develop some useful steps that will help you. Thus, you save your nerves, and possibly money.

Alcohol bottle with a spray

Always in the car, I have a bottle of alcohol, for the treatment of the windshield during the warm car. The spray alcohol on accelerating the defrosting process the frost. There is no need to rub hard glass scraper. (Gallery scrolls.)

Defrosting glass alcohol

Just treat them frozen locks and handles its frets grants. Thereby not afraid to tear them.

Defrosting car handles alcohol.
Defrosting car handles alcohol.


In winter, always on the shelf is 20 cc syringe, it is necessary for sampling fluid from the driver's mat in slushy weather, when the snow sticks to shoes and then melts the heat from the stove. Do not throw the liquid from the mat is not possible, when you try to pull it out. Thus formed a puddle falls under the carpet and the car accelerates decay.

Moisture-absorbing wipes

How hard not to shake the legs, at the entrance to the car is still snow and ice falls on the mat. But part of the snow and tries to fly on the mat melt there and accelerate the process of "rotting" the beloved swallows.

Napkins for car mat.
Napkins for car mat.

Silicone Grease

Always in the car rolls can of silicone grease, no matter which company. After washing the car in the winter on car washes, moisture wets all the gums and if they do not wipe the silicone doors freeze in closed position and there is a chance that will come off the handle or deteriorate sealing gum when trying to unlock doors. Just do not apply silicone atomization, if I do the part of the silicon gets on the glass and trim, then its hard to deduce. Just moisten a cloth and go through all the gum. It is also useful to draw their locks from freezing.

Silicone grease to seal gums
Silicone grease to seal gums

Hot water

In winter, during slushy weather is likely freezing of rear brake pads. This happens if the car is placed on the "hammer" when the Autorun feature is available via signaling. In order to unlock the rear wheels, pour them from the plastic container is not too hot water. If the process was successful then I heard a click.


It is impossible to pour hot water on the cold windshield and the vehicle painted surface. As well as dramatically to include warm air on lobovuhu. During the warm car air must be heated together with the car.

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