A simple dressing of colors with the fastest result. The natural growth stimulator!

  • Dec 24, 2019

Good afternoon! Probably, many people like to carry out experiments, growing domestic culture and feeding them. The theme of today's communication is succinic acid, a tool that is on the leading positions among the folk remedies in the indoor plant.

By this means you will be able to save the dying culture and increase the decorative plants. For example, you can "restore" Spathiphyllum, who bought a rotten root system (it can once again become healthy green bushes).

Let's talk in more detail about how to use succinic acid. We even took pictures of the process of the use of national means and the end results.

succinic acid
succinic acid
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The use of "yantarki" for houseplants

It is a natural stimulator of growth of domestic crops. The use of simple and inexpensive, always leads to a victorious outcome. Note the list, which indicated that is capable of succinic acid (its solution):

  • If the flower seeds to soak in the acid, they will germinate and grow to be faster.
  • When rooting culture should be kept in the lower part of the prepared solution - the root system formed faster.
  • If you water the plant with a solution, improves soil structure, and normal microflora.
  • Soak the roots of the plants in the succinic acid, it will help in the case if they start to rot. Also accelerate the growth of new roots.
  • You can spray just bought the culture, so she quickly adapted to the new conditions.
  • The acid will help the home culture to survive the stress (for example, when transplanting or any disease).
  • Fresh shoots and leaves will grow faster, flowers "strengthened" as a whole, will be beautiful bloom.

We describe a fast foliar additional forage yantarkoy giving instant results. Active substances quickly imbibed surface sheet home culture.

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Price - 20 rubles. Enough for 20 applications!
Price - 20 rubles. Enough for 20 applications!

How to prepare the succinic acid solution for use in indoor horticulture

To spray the home culture, prepare a solution whose concentration is to be 0.02 percent. There are many complicated recipes. Not Wise:

  • Grind poltabletki which 0.5 grams weight (obtained approximately 0.25 grams).
  • Dilute in half cup lukewarm some water (dissolved wonderful). The solution obtained strength of about 0,025. That's it!
  • Pour the resulting solution into a spray bottle which volume of one liter by adding water and mix.

The solution is kept not more than twenty-four hours, use it immediately prepared. Later, it may lose its properties.

How to handle a home flower solution of succinic acid for maximum benefit

Act according to the following plan:

  • Saturate the culture with moisture (the day before the treatment carefully pour it).
  • Early in the morning spray of leaves. You must pritenit culture, if in the daytime projected bright sun. Otherwise, not had time to dry droplets lead to burns. For example, you can put the window sheet of newspaper.

Two weeks later, you get the result. Do not repeat a similar additional forage often, so that the plant is no stranger to the "good". Once every seven days clearly enough!

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