Sauna in the basement with his own hands from construction to finishing

  • Dec 24, 2019

For improvement baths suitable dry basements with high ceilings. The house can be a brick, and wood - waterproofing materials make the bath equally safe for all materials. When creating baths focuses on the following criteria:

  • thinking through the drainage system;
  • laying floors;
  • prepare the ground for placing the furnace.

The main stages of construction

The main plus bath in the basement - no need to build a wall. Bath small size would require separation of the brick wall of the room - the other three walls will be from the foundation. Construction bath includes four basic steps:

  1. make a layout under the separation wall and dig a trench;
  2. sleep bottom cushion sand (Thickness about 15 cm), Compacted and add water;
  3. make the formwork and pour a strip foundation;
  4. put a wall (binding to the house is created with metal clips).

drainage system

Drainage system requires careful planning. So that moisture can leave the bath, without causing damage to the house, dug a trench. When it was created need to follow a few rules:

  • pull trench should be sloped toward the site;
  • trench should be deeper than the level of soil freezing (in different regions of different levels) of a total width 50 cm;
  • above the trench floor is laid at an angle towards the shaft.

The process of laying the trench is carried out on clear instructions:

  • laying in a trench metal square pipe at a slant;
  • Pipe connection with a common septic / out of portion;
  • creating a grid above the shaft, which will carry water filter function;
  • fastening nets on double metal parts;
  • execution curtain over the metal mesh sheets of iron (to prevent water from flowing past the shaft).


The floors in the bath consist of two layers: a layer of roofing material + cement. Sex is created in the following order: first layer of roofing material is placed, then a layer of gravel, at the end of - the cement.

After drying the three components superimposed second layer of the same composition (roofing - gravel - coupler). The second layer is reinforced and dries. It has placed finish flooring - tile or wood.

Excellent video on the topic:


During the installation of the foundation necessary to finally decide on the placement of the stove. To successfully place the stove, you need to consider the location of the blower and heating.

These two elements should be placed in a waiting room. If this rule is taken into account, the owner of the bath will not have to carry out additional heating to the bath. Chimney place insulation and then discharged to the outside through the socket.

Install the stove as follows:

  1. pouring cement pads;
  2. floor pillows one row of red brick;
  3. holding a pillow waterproofing;
  4. tab furnace base.
Dimensions cement pads must exceed the dimensions of the furnace by 6-9 cm over the entire area. This rule prevents subsidence cushion during furnace operation.