Going to the store to shop, lighters are always with me. What are they to me?

  • Dec 24, 2019

Life is such a thing in which to spinning like a squirrel in a wheel. And if you live in a big city, then it is necessary to try to live in his own pace, and that pace, so to speak, not sickly.

Constantly need to invent something, invent. Sometimes the simplest tools can greatly facilitate life in one way or another situation.

And that situation, in which the "Products" you must visit the store and buy something to eat, happens very often, and it's not enough to say that it is extremely, sometimes every day you have to go for food, and even a couple of times a day.

Package with lighter
Package with lighter

And what would these trips to the grocery store to cut, then get men to several days. In the shopping cart or basket is like all good carry-wear (Vodicka, milk, potatoes, pasta, jars of salad) and does not seem heavy.

But when shift all bought provisions in a plastic bag, once you understand all their imperfections.

Not only are afraid that they will tear at the wrong time, and everything will be bought on the floor. And if there are more banks-bottles, and they can be broken, so also handles this unfortunate package, so you can rub your hands.

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Sweet will not. And then I thought, well, do not be twice had to go? But no, laziness is ahead of us was born. Why do twice, if at a time, accompanied by some effort to handle as possible.

That's because I wear a package without lighters
That's because I wear a package without lighters

You are carrying a plastic bag and you realize that it handles cut into the arm, almost to the bone, from which spoiled the blood supply. Fingers are beginning to turn white, then go to "colic", and then completely numb.

And when you have two packages and this process occurs with both hands, you begin to fear, and everything was in order with his hands will be. Do not fall off?

Adapted lighter in package handles
Adapted lighter in package handles

In order to avoid this misunderstanding, although smoke I have long been cast, I always have in your pocket two lighters, when I was going to go to the grocery store for provisions.

They told me it much easier life is when food packages need to bring the car, or only then from the machine to the apartment.

Very convenient device, the hands do not suffer
Very convenient device, the hands do not suffer

The purpose of these lighters fairly simple. Putting them I handle plastic bags, and with its help, the load is distributed evenly on the fingers of the hands of the pressure is reduced, and handle the package not dig into your fingers.

Of course, instead of the lighter can be used other various items. Such as a flashlight, a rounded piece of wood, specially prepared for this purpose.

The options are actually plenty. And I tell you, this greatly facilitates the process of pulling grocery bags. Handles in order not numb fingers.

How do you this way? If you do not believe, you can experiment.

Or maybe you have some other, more interesting way out of this situation? Please, share it in the comments, very interesting.

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