Warming bath izolona own hands: Specialists method

  • Dec 24, 2019

Warming bath - one of the most important steps during its construction. One of the most popular materials for this is izolon. This material has many advantages. As the warm bathhouse izolona yourself? Read about it on.

Advantages and disadvantages

This material is produced using the polyethylene foam. It has different thickness and appearance of the coating. And it reflects heat from the walls.

Izolon resistant to sudden changes in temperature. It retains its appearance and properties at temperatures from -85 to +125 C. the material has a different texture: uniform or cross-linked. Choose any option for warming the bath-house.

Izolona advantages are as follows:

  • heat preservation to 90%;
  • a minimum reduction of area pair;
  • may independently insulation walls steam these pictures;
  • izolon resistant to moisture;
  • affordable cost of material;
  • no corrosion;
  • the material being heated, without causing harmful substances.

But this material has disadvantages:

  • require gluing of joints;
  • It has exposure to mechanical damage.
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It is best to choose a roll insulation for the bath. Since it is much easier to work with.

Step by step instructions on warming bath izolona

Before starting work, calculated the exact amount of material.

His need to put no overlaps therefore optional metallized tape. Prepare the necessary tools:

  • izolona required amount;
  • metalized tape;
  • hammer and tonic carnation or stapler staples and 10 mm;
  • Stationery knife or scissors.

Now we proceed to the insulation of the bath-house:

  • using a brush with stiff bristles, the walls should be cleaned from dirt and dust;
  • surface is treated with an antiseptic;
  • izolon located on the surface of the metallized part inward;
  • the material is attached to the wooden wall of a stapler. For thermal insulation of concrete walls is necessary to fill in staggered blocks of wood;
  • to the wooden walls of the bathhouse izolon attached by means staple gun. Stone walls are insulated with thin nails;
  • Now you can glue the joints between the metallic tape material. Necessary and glue joints made by means of metal staples.
After this is installed a wooden sheathing, a step which does not exceed one meter.
Warming bath completed. You can proceed to the interior decoration of the pair. The most common mistakes
Warming bath completed. You can proceed to the interior decoration of the pair.
The most common mistakes

Izolona insulate the bath, try to avoid common mistakes:

  • it is not necessary to use the material, metallized on both sides;
  • is absolutely necessary to seal the seams metallic tape. Otherwise, moisture gets inside the walls subjected to rotting;
  • prokleivat need and the joints between the walls and ceiling;
  • you need to retreat from the floor a few centimeters. Water should be free to leave the bath and do not fall on the wall;
  • for a small villa bathhouse suitable insulation, 5 cm thick. To choose always used steam heater, the thickness of which is 10 cm;
  • Wall bath necessarily processed antiseptic. The same composition and covered with sheathing;
  • do not warm wood bath until complete shrinkage. Insulation may be subjected to warp;
  • izolon not left open, because it is easily confirmed by any objects.
We figured out how to warm bathhouse izolona. It can make any person who does not have the skills to repair.