Why give a plumber pants or how to get themselves out of the plumbing

  • Dec 24, 2019
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I work as a plumber in apartment buildings. Working with people is complicated, requires me obhodchivosti and good nature. In this article I will share with you some moments of how to get the plumbing himself, suddenly these tips would lift the mood you, dank winter night!

1) Inviting home for plumbing for the repair, do not immediately run to open the door on the first call, let will wait near the door intercoms, pomerznet, especially in winter. Or better yet, transfer request towards the end of the working day.

2) He came to the threshold of your home, let them remove shoes. Paul thus should be crumbs of food, socks let adhere to the surface of the linoleum. On the picture-Dirty, greasy, sticky floor.

3) If the mechanic asked utensils for merging water, give it to him, out of some sort of "fresh-water sponge." If it is not satisfied, let will wash himself. In the photo -hAsha unknown out of which, plus rotten rag

4) Sometimes they ask for a rag to collect the spilled liquid. The best option for them to be old tights lying wet behind the toilet, and exuding the smell of rot. On the picture -

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Pants, obviously male, b / y. Today, slipped on the application, they are prompted to write this epic.

I wanted to give at least for women, but I am afraid that they absorb little moisture. On the picture-Panties female lace.

5) Look closely at the work of plumbing, suggests how best to do. Without your advice they nakosyachat. Sometimes they get up on his knees and put his head and body under the sink. At this point, should not depart from them. Suddenly, from the cramped conditions, they "moved the horses." While they can work there consider their ass and "lament" that either aloud. In photo- neubrannoe workplace.

6) Upon completion of work, they sometimes fill the paper, give them a table with crumbs and grease spots. Fat on the papers will be your print. In the photo - Wellirny messy desk

7) Pets whether it is a cat or a dog, should interfere with the plumbing, not to relax. Dogs bark loudly. Cats sniffing bags and socks, the best action from your cat will mark on the shoe fitter. In the photo nasty - literysy cat

8) In places of work "of ghouls ZHEU" (joke) at best, to be present red ants, cockroaches or spiders feel at ease in your unhygienic places. On the picture- funny animals with one of the applications. There was to be a photo of an insect. But I deleted it, so as not to disturb the psyche of your favorite reader.

As noted nepriskorbno but about 50 percent of my clients are sluts and Dirt. Dirt becomes uncomfortable in the apartments. There is a desire to hurry, carelessly, do the job and leave a "kennel".

All tips humorous. I hope you are not so bad to put them into a Plumber.

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