I never thought that Sporysh - grass weed, so useful and necessary for health! Free Pharmacy under your feet

  • Dec 24, 2019

We often hear complaints from friends about how much money they spend on expensive drugs. And okay, if they even helped ...

I prefer to spend the family budget on a more pleasant and useful things. A proven cure for all diseases take a totally free - in his garden and on the bank near the river.

One of these assistants - weed knotweed (knot-grass), growing absolutely everywhere, where there is soil - from April to the end of autumn, the beds, and next to them, a suburban fences in the villages. And with that all gardeners gardeners have been fighting, not even knowing how much health and useful properties it can bring us.

Such useful knotweed

This "weed", but vitally necessary to us all herb contains:

  • silicon and ascorbic acid;
  • flavonoids;
  • carotene, bitterness;
  • essential oils and tannins.

Due to this structure, in the "track record" knotweed - recovery of mineral metabolism, treatment of arthritis, arthrosis, gout, gallstones and kidney stones ...

In my home "medicine cabinet", he performs several essential functions:

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"Female doctor"

  1. Highlander instantly restores menstrual cycle, which may go for several reasons.
  2. Quickly relieves painful symptoms of cystitis and colitis, eliminating their root cause itself, having a unique anti-inflammatory properties.
  1. Another feature knotweed - hemostatic - has long been widely used by village quacks.


I have a lot of children, and with the onset of summer - the risk of injury rises to the level of emergency. Broken knees, bruises and other "side effects" of street fun - it is inevitable. And here our "family doctor", growing between the beds, simply irreplaceable. Thanks to his ability to heal before our eyes (tighten) the wound and blood coagulation, my heroes, after a couple of hours ready for new feats!

Due to its astringent properties knotweed is very good at helping with diarrhea, as well as - helminthiases.

No hypertension!

Besides the fact that a decoction of Polygonum helps my whole family to improve the immune system, it saves us from the chief whip - high blood pressure.

And he does it, as opposed to drugs, gently and gradually, without causing unpleasant "side effects" in the form of weakness and loss of efficiency. And most importantly - free!

Beauty secret

My colleagues at work to notice that at any time of the year I - a great complexion. It has long been known that the beautiful skin - is, above all, pure blood. I advise you not to run into an expensive beauty salon, and better - to help our knotweed. Turn it into the cleansing herbal tea - and you will not only feel great but also look - for all hundred percent!

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