We build for the ages: choose the best foundation for a bath

  • Dec 24, 2019

With the foundation begins not only the house but also the bath. Among those who want to build a building, where they could rest and warm up, the question of the foundation is seldom mainly, obscure the color bath - a choice or log house from a bar, interior decoration, font or pool and t. d. Meanwhile wrong made the foundation washes spoil within a few years, all the fun of the wishes "Enjoy Your Bath!"

If the room is small, one-story, it is often a solid foundation is more expensive than the building itself. It is therefore understandable desire of the majority owners to save on a foundation and to rush this stage as soon as possible. But although bath and is much easier to dwelling house, too weak foundation for a two-storey building can be critical.

What foundations are suitable for baths

Since the baths are different, and the foundation under them should correspond to the structure of the future.

  • Slab monolith. Great for areas with high water table. There are no restrictions on the weight of construction. Bathhouse small area though he will be expensive, but it will greatly facilitate the laying of communications drainage. Competent waterproofing and reinforcement make this foundation to virtually "forever".
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  • Belt. This foundation laid deep border of frost heaving, will slightly cheaper slab. Therefore, it is made for large baths with the second floor or attic. Medium and small construction may well do melkozaglublennoy tape, which will be less material consumption.
  • Pile. A good option for any type of soil, including those prone to waterlogging. Screw or bored piles is not too difficult to do with manual anchor truck and a good partner. For a bunch of piles organize grillage - tape made of concrete, which goes over the soil surface with removed dornovym layer.

Columnar. the cheapest option, as brick or concrete blocks to piles pillars will cost less. Any bath made of wood, he will stand well, as long as the ground was dry - sandy or gravelly. True, it is necessary to think about the structure of water flow in the steam room and washing.

Thus, the most reliable is a slab foundation, if it means it is not enough - pile-rostverkovy.


If you decide to build for the ages, do not spare funds and start a monolithic slab. To do this, you need the following:

Step 1. On the upper layer portion is removed turf to a depth of approximately 20-30 cm. It is filled with coarse sand and compacted vibratory plates. Then spreads waterproofing and formwork constructed from four boards.

Step 2. Knitted reinforcement in two layers. Drain tubes are placed in advance on the spacers to be inside after pouring plate.

Step 3. Ready-mixed concrete in the mixer and poured in the formwork. You can call the mixer. Concrete leveled trowel and allowed to stand.